more than 30 buses destroyed by flames

more than 30 buses destroyed by flames
more than 30 buses destroyed by flames

A night of fear between flames and explosions. A mysterious fire has developed in the Atac depot – the municipal public transport company – on Via Prenestina in Roma. They would go to the stake 30 buses destroyed, most of them with methane. There are no people involved.

The fire broke out for reasons yet to be ascertained around 4.30 and was brought under control by the fire brigade. «The flames involved about 30 buses, mainly fueled by methane. Flames extinguished, safety operations in progress», Reads the tweet of the fire brigade.

Videos circulate on the net where sirens and explosions are heard. Atac immediately activated internal investigations to clarify the reasons for the incident. Investigations by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Roma Montesacro’s operational unit are also underway: the military intervened after a report reached 112, in aid of the firefighters.

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buses destroyed flames

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