“Avoid unnecessary travel”. Bad weather alarm goes off: here’s where

Serious alert bad weather to northern Italy, where it has been raining without interruption for hours. Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy are the regions in which the alarm for hydro-geological risk and for flooding is highest. At the moment the most serious situation is occurring in the coastal region, where some rivers have already flooded and a bridge has also collapsed. The Savona area is the most affected area. Here the river Erro in Pontinvrea overflows but also the Giusvalla and the Letimbro, behind Savona, have left the banks. A bridge collapsed in Quiliano and, to avoid tragedies, in the Savona area there are numerous bridges that have been closed as a precaution, so much so that the city of Savona itself is currently split in half.

The alert in Liguria

Sara red alert until tomorrow morning at 6. Thunderstorms, heavy rain. In the area of ​​the Savona sanctuary, two people were evacuated from their homes. The Liguria Region announces it through its social channels. In Borgata Isola Grande, still in the sanctuary area after Castel Sant’Agata, 10 people remained isolated. The memory of the Ligurians inevitably goes to the events that in 2011 and 2014 brought death and destruction to the region. The control system has been activated and new updates on the weather situation will be provided in the next few hours, with the rivers remaining under special surveillance. The copious rains of these hours are pouring into an area already full of water and the risk of landslides and landslides is real in Ligura. “Avoid all unnecessary movements, maximum caution“Governor Toti wrote in a Facebook post updating the situation.

The situation in Lombardy

The situation in Lombardy is also critical. A wave of severe weather is expected over Milan during the night. The maximum alert for rain and wind is expected between 9 pm and 1 am tomorrow, Tuesday 5 October. Between 2 and 7, however, the front will shift and the rainfall will be very intense in the provinces north of Lecco, Como, Varese. This could cause possible flood waves with a real risk of river flooding Seveso and Lambro in Milan.

For this reason, the Municipal Operations Center will remain active and from 9 pm all the teams will be deployed in areas at risk of flooding, while checks are in progress on the drains and underpasses and the alert system for citizens, traders and street vendors has already been launched. market in piazzale Lagosta. This evening they will be evacuate the communities of the Lambro park and it is forbidden to stop in the Lambro areas.

The alarm in Piedmont

Not even Piedmont will be spared from the wave of bad weather. L’Barley marked the red alert for the next few hours. The ARPA indicates that the areas most affected by the disturbed front will be those of Verbano Cusio Ossola, in addition to the Belbo and Bormida valleys in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. These areas will be affected by a type A scenario with “extensive flooding of watercourses and widespread slope phenomena“. The operations room of the Civil Protection of the Piedmont Region was opened at 14 and will be active without stopping until the end of the wave of bad weather, which is expected for the next 30 hours.


Avoid unnecessary travel Bad weather alarm heres

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