San Donato, plane crashed: “The engine was not on fire”. The stall hypothesis

San Donato, plane crashed: “The engine was not on fire”. The stall hypothesis
San Donato, plane crashed: “The engine was not on fire”. The stall hypothesis

San Donato Milanese (Milan) – There is also it “engine stall” among the hypotheses being examined by investigators and investigators investigating the plane crash yesterday in San Donato, near Milan, in which eight people died including a child of less than two years. From what we learn, it was one of the to speak of blockade engineers delegated to investigations, based on the footage of the surveillance cameras in the area, in which the aircraft is seen crashing at very high speed with the nose at 90 degrees and disintegrate on the building. From that video, whose frames will have to be analyzed by the forensic police, it does not appear the engine on fire.

Plane crashed in San Donato, pm: “The moment of impact in a video”

What happened

As far as we know, about three minutes after take-off (at 13.04 yesterday) from Linate the plane, a Pilatus Pc-12, which was supposed to reach a standard altitude of 5 thousand feet, when he was at a height of about 3500-4000 feet he continued abnormally to veer to the right, as emerged from the tracks of the Linate radar control center. The radar room, noticing the anomaly, immediately contacted the Pilatus and the pilot, the Romanian tycoon Dan Petrescu, replied explaining that he was making a “deviation”, apparently he said something like “little deviation”, subsequently asking for what is called in technical jargon “vector”, i.e. space and coordinates to return to the airport. Carrier that was immediately indicated. The pilot, however, did not report what the problem was and therefore a specific alarm signal did not arrive from the plane. In the absence of communications after the carrier’s request, in the control room it was immediately understood that the Pilatus had requested the return because evidently there was an emergency. So much so that the temporary block of traffic on Linate as expected in these cases. Less than a minute after the last communications (between 30 and 60 seconds), the plane disappeared from the radar track.

No emergency signaling

During the communications between the pilot and the Linate radar control center, no emergency signaling, neither related to engine failure or problems nor related to bad weather. And there would therefore be no evidence in the communications of problems reported by the pilot regarding the deviation from the ‘standard’ route

“Unrecognizable corpses”

After the phase of finding the bodies, and recovered on the technical front the black box, the work of the investigators is concentrated “on the actual identification of the victims, on the analysis of local cameras and on radio conversations, from which a change of route would emerge just after take-off “. This is what the director of the general prevention office of the Police Headquarters, Giuseppe Schettinoi explained.” For the victims – he added – it’s about doing genetic comparisons to be sure of the reconstructed identities, given that all the corpses were unrecognizable. For the cameras, it is a question of acquiring the video of the cameras of the Milanese transport company “, given that the crash occurred on an area belonging to the ATM.

Comparisons of DNA

And precisely on the front of the recognition of the victims, the investigators of the judicial police are organizing a space at Linate airport where they can receive the relatives of the victims. To proceed with the official awards, in fact, the DNA appearances, after that on the spot where the tragedy occurred, work has also been done throughout the morning to try to recover the remains of the victims.

Black box, engine and “diary”: the answers from the remains of the crashed plane

Radio conversations

As regards the radio conversations acquired by the Tower of Linate airport, the Police Headquarters confirmed that “the tapes show that the pilot was contacted by flight control for a discrepancies in the layout and when asked if he wanted to make a change of course he replied in the affirmative agreeing on a new route “. Giuseppe Schettino added that “everything imaginable” has been seized and that now, however, we must move on to the analysis phase “which could also be long”.

San Donato, crashed plane: who are the victims. There is also Filippo Nascimbene from Pavia

The colleagues of Filippo Nascimbene from Pavia

“It was shocking news, we are all grieved. He was a boy who had brought us a breath of joy, always kind, smiling, positive “. With these words Sandra Bo, owner of the Generali insurance agency in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), remembers the 33-year-old Filippo Nascimbene. The man, well known in Monferrato, had worked in the headquarters in the center of Casale, where his former colleagues now remember him with emotion. “He had been with us for two years, with profitable results – said Bo to the microphones of Tg3 Piemonte -; he was a boy who was committed, he liked to be successful, and then he decided to resume his studies by enrolling at the University. “On Facebook the agency page wrote a greeting addressed to Nascimbene this morning:” Hello Filippo…. We will always remember your smile, your friendliness and your positivity. It was nice to walk a bit of the journey with you, as colleagues and as friends “.

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