Bad weather, landslides and floods in Liguria. Red alert in Piedmont and Lombardy

Half a meter of rain in just 6 hours in Liguria, a national record: from Savona to Val Bormida, flooded streams and landslides, weather deteriorating further. The region, plagued in a few hours by the rain of a year, fears the next few hours, while the red alert has also been proclaimed in Lombardy and Piedmont. Schools and universities closed tomorrow in Savona, La Spezia, Alessandria and Acqui Terme. Orange alert in Tuscany and Friuli Venezia Giulia from midnight, yellow alert for tomorrow in Veneto and from tonight also in Trentino, where hail and strong gusts of wind are expected tomorrow.

In Liguria record rainfall

Record of precipitation in Liguria, according to data provided by the Arpal functional center during the evening point on the red alert in Liguria. Already the councilor for civil protection Giacomo Giampedrone had stressed that “900 mm of water fallen in the last 24 hours is not a normal event”, a statement that found confirmation in the Arpal data. In Rossiglione, in the Stura Valley, 740 mm of rain fell in the 12 hours, which exceeds the 12 hours of the 1970 flood by 0.4 mm. an hour, is confirmed in second place in terms of hourly intensity compared to the flood of 2011. Record also for the winds that tonight exceeded 180 km / h in the Scrivia Valley.


The first wave of bad weather in the morning caused landslides and flooding in the Genoese hinterland, between Rossiglione and the Turchino state road, in addition to the closure of the A26 motorway which in the late afternoon was also closed in a southerly direction towards Genoa Voltri da Predosa a Masone for a landslide. The waterways remain monitored, in particular the Stura and the accessory canals. In the Savona area the Letimbro river is flooded: in the city the river bed, usually dry according to the citizens, was filled with mud and debris, while outside the city, in the Sanctuary area, the flood of the river invaded the streets, flooding houses and buildings and also dragging cars and buses away. The Bormida river was also flooded.

Bad weather in Liguria, road connections haywire due to rains

“Almost all emergency situations are concentrated in the Savona area, in Val Bormida and Valle Stura – said the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti -. The Savona-Turin railway is interrupted due to a landslide on which work is being carried out. There are 5 families evacuated as a precaution to Pontinvrea, hit by the rainfall of these hours ». In Rossiglione and in the Savona area, 600 mm of rain fell in the last 12 hours, a size equal to half the annual rainfall recorded in a few hours.

Liguria, A26 closed between the Predosa and Masone junction

Shortly after 5.45 pm, on the A26 Genova Voltri-Gravellona Toce, the section between the junction with the D26 (Predosa-Bettole branch) and Masone, towards Genoa, was closed due to a landslide that fell at km 22 near at the Broglio gallery. The section of the A26 between the junction with the A10 and Ovada is still closed, in the direction of Gravellona Toce, due to the landslide previously occurred at km 22 at around 1 pm. In the closed section towards Genoa, traffic is blocked. The Turchino state road closed as a precaution.

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