Calenda national leader, Di Battista meteora del vaffa

Two phenomena and two measures

The former grillino’s list is only one percent. That of the leader of Action reaches 18 and is a candidate to become the space of the disappointed on the right and left

There is a misunderstanding that has finally dissolved and a phenomenon that is now right to call reality. In Rome, the action of Carlo Calenda is the first party in the capital while the list of Alessandro Di Battista is just a fantasy.

The former got 18.44 percent of the vote. The second reached 1.03 percent of the vote with his “Ecologist Roma Culture Innovation”. It was the list that Di Battista had launched in support of the Rays, of which he has always defined himself as the sponsor.

The first, Calenda, has already announced that it is rightfully applying to cover a national space, to launch its assault on the sky. All that can be said of Di Battista is that his electoral strength is finally measurable. His “electoral weight” in his Rome is as valid as the situationist lists, like the metropolitan Indians.

From the elections in Rome, one emerges as a national leader while the other as the meteor of the vaffa


Calenda national leader Battista meteora del vaffa

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