Rome, quarrel over the line to the bathroom at the Plante: woman beaten to death

A 30-year-old South American girl is hospitalized St. Camillus in a reserved prognosis after she was attacked by two women in a nightclub closed by order of the Chief of Police. The attempted murder took place inside the Planet of via del Commercio. The agents who intervened for the attack have verified, among other things, that several people were intent on dancing in violation of the rules established against the spread of Covid-19. The modalities of the attack suffered by the woman currently in a coma are disconcerting.

Killed with a punch in a bar by an 18 year old in Rome. “That man was out of his mind, my son defended himself”

Litigation for the line at the bathroom at the Plante: a woman beaten to death

The victim was waiting to go to the bathroom and was “accused” of not respecting the line. Two women, also from South America, beat her also using high-heeled shoes. The police ascertained that it was an attack for trivial reasons and verified that the two perpetrators of the attack were completely drunk. It was the policemen of the Colombo police station, directed by Roberto Cioppa, who investigated what happened at the Planet. The agents after a brief investigation have identified the two women who will have to answer for the heavy crime of attempted murder. To track them down, the policemen listened to witnesses and analyzed images from CCTV cameras. Another aspect that concerns the Planet: after the attack, no one called the police, but it was the customers who asked for help at 118. The protocol, on the other hand, provides that if something serious happens in a room, the manager must call law enforcement. The comatose victim was beaten to death by the two women who acted with blind violence. They grabbed her by the hair and dropped her to the ground, then kicked her. With high-heeled shoes, they stepped on the victim who started bleeding and losing consciousness. The 118 staff found the South American lying on the floor, covered in blood and hardly breathing. She was immediately rescued and taken to San Camillo in red code. She was then intubated and transferred to the intensive care unit where she is in a medically induced coma. The officers had difficulty investigating as they could not count on the victim’s testimony.


Thanks to the call to 118, the police arrived in time, were able to listen to the witnesses and therefore block the two women who were responsible for the attack. If more time had passed, the two young women could have left the place. “She didn’t respect the queue and that’s why I beat her,” said one of the managers. The agents immediately realized that the woman was drunk, so much so that she did not realize what she was saying. The police collected the testimonies of the customers of the restaurant which was closed not only for the brawl inside, but also for not having respected the anti Covid rules by allowing customers to dance. It must also be considered that none of the staff of the restaurant called the police and reported the seriously injured girl. The intervention at the Planet is one of the many checks carried out by the police who have already sanctioned several premises for not respecting the rules relating to the prohibition of gatherings. Investigators are waiting for the hospitalized woman to come out of the coma to hear her side of the story.



Rome quarrel line bathroom Plante woman beaten death

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