Regional elections, Occhiuto savors victory: “Calabria that Italy does not expect”

Regional elections, Occhiuto savors victory: “Calabria that Italy does not expect”
Regional elections, Occhiuto savors victory: “Calabria that Italy does not expect”

Occhiuto, “I dedicate the victory to my children”

“My slogan during the election campaign was ‘Calabria that Italy does not expect’. If with my team I manage to ensure that Calabria is represented as a region that Italy does not expect, I will not be the first to have done so, because Jole Santelli, who at the government of the Region, did it before me. has shown that Calabria can have a quality ruling class and can be told precisely in a different way ». This was stated by Roberto Occhiuto, presidential candidate of the Calabria Region for the center-right, commenting from his headquarters in Gizzeria (Catanzaro) on the data that see him set off to a clear success in the Regionals. «To you – added Occhiuto – I want to send an affectionate greeting, you will be happy with the result we have obtained. Finally I would like to dedicate this victory to my children, Angelica and Marco, I hope to make them proud as well as the Calabrians for the work they will do from tomorrow onwards ».

7 pm – Tajani, Occhiuto Berlusconi’s winning choice

«Dear Roberto, you made Forza Italia proud for this extraordinary success. Thus the national coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani, commented in Gizzeria (Catanzaro) the electoral data that see the center-right candidate for the presidency of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto, winning the Regionals in Calabria. “We had been waiting for this day for weeks – added Tajani – because we knew that the people of Calabria wanted a president who would take up Jole’s legacy and guide Calabria towards a completely different situation. You are our pride, demonstration that the choice wanted by Berlusconi was a winning choice, once again Berlusconi has guessed the winning candidate for this region ».

18.40 – Opinio Rai parties projections: in Calabria Fi at 18.2%, Pd at 12.7%

Forza Italia first list at 18.2% in Calabria: this is the result of the Opinio consortium projections for Rai. In second place the Democratic Party with 12.7%; followed by Fratelli d’Italia (9.1%), Lega (7.9%), Movimento 5 Stelle (6.3%). The De Magistris Presidente slate is, again according to projections, with 4.1% of the votes.

18.13 – Swg-La7 parties projections: in Calabria Fi at 17.8%, Pd at 13.9%

Forza Italia, according to Swg projections for La7, is the first party in Calabria with 17.8%. In the coalition it supports Roberto Occhiuto (at 54.20%), followed by Forza Azzurri (8.6%), Fratelli d’Italia (8.4%), Lega (7.9%), Udc (4.4%). Also according to the Swg Projections, the second party in Calabria is the Democratic Party (13.9%); in the coalition in support of Amalia Bruni (29.4%) M5s got 6.7% of the votes, Bruni President 4.2%, Calabria Treasury 2.8%.

5.40 pm – The second Swg screenings for La7

Roberto Occhiuto 54.20%, Amalia Cecilia Bruni 29.40%, Luigi De Magistris 15.10%, Gerardo Mario Oliverio 1.30% (sample: 13%)

5.30 pm – Definitive turnout

The final turnout for the regional elections in Calabria is 44.36%. A figure that overlaps that of a year ago when, in January 2020, attendance at the polls stood at 44.33%. The province in which the most voted is that of Catanzaro with 46.95%, followed by Cosenza (44.86), Reggio Calabria (44.58), Vibo Valentia (40.57) and Crotone (39.76) ).

4.45 pm – The first Swg screenings for La7

At the regional in Calabria the candidate Roberto Occhiuto stands at 54.90%; Amalia Bruni with 29.50%; Luigi De Magistris with 14.20%; Gerardo Mario Oliverio at 1.40% (sample coverage 5%)

15.55 – Flash projections

Based on the first screening Swg for La7, the candidate to the regional in Calabria Roberto Occhiuto (center right) reaches a fork of 56-60%, followed by Amalia Cecilia Bruni (center left) with 24.6-28.6%; in third place Luigi de Magistris with 11.7-15.7%: fourth Mario Oliverio between 0.7-2.7%.

Based on the first screening of the consortium Opinio Italia for Rai (sample coverage: 5%), the candidate to the regional in Calabria Roberto Occhiuto (center-right) reaches 52.9%, followed by Amalia Cecilia Bruni (center left) with 25.6%; in third place Luigi de Magistris with 19.4%; fourth Mario Oliverio with 2.1%

3.30 pm – The turnout, provisional figure

3.00 pm – The first exit poll

On the basis of the first Exit poll of the Opinio Italia consortium for Rai, the candidate to the regional ones in Calabria Roberto Occhiuto (center right) reaches a fork of 46.5-50.5%, followed by Amalia Cecilia Bruni (center left) with 24-28%; in third place Luigi de Magistris with 21-25%: fourth and last Mario Oliverio between 1.5-3%

The reactions

18.34 – Spirli ‘, “We need to be more pop and less palace”

“The first thing to do will be to follow the Calabrians, to become more and more pop and much less of a palace”. Thus the acting president of the regional council, Nino Spirlì, of the Lega, comments on the first data on the Regionals in Calabria that suggest a large success of the center-right. “I think – added Spirlì – to have done it in this period also with a genuineness that has served the Calabrians a lot, we need to become more and more pop and less palace, because it is the palace that has removed the Calabrians from politics”.

18.12 – Spirlì (Lega), victory for confidence in continuity with the work done

“A result that we expected because the squares, the people confirmed their faith in continuity step by step, in a work that was done in a very difficult pandemic year, but which brought Calabria with the bar straight into a safe harbor. that after Jole’s death it could have been a disaster and, instead, we have absorbed the mourning and we have continued to sail in her name ». To say the acting president of the Calabria Region Nino Spirlì, commenting in the headquarters of the regional Citadel, the projections that give the candidate for the presidency of the center-right Roberto Occhiuto an advantage. «Roberto – added Spirlì – is a political and institutional candidate, who gives certainty and security, who made a great electoral campaign, polite and respectful of good education and great political proposal. On the other hand, the left presented itself as pulverized, quarrelsome, offensive among themselves and with us of the center-right. People have chosen good governance and solidity. The fact that they were so many left also counted, so when there are so many in the end it is none and the people were confused because none of the three represented it totally, but not even in the sum all three could represent it ». The Health chapter for the new council “will not be a challenge – underlined Spirlì – but a war to be fought. A fight to be carried out together with the government and no longer against. Because the most important thing is to understand that it is not a war of Calabria against the rest of Italy, but a struggle between Calabria and the Government, against malpractice and the ‘Ndrangheta. The goal is to cancel the Calabria decrees, the first and the second worse than the first, giving a definitive closure to the ugly chapter of the commissioner and return the health administration to the Calabrian government, because in this pandemic year we have shown how much we can put ourselves at the I work to get results ».

5.46 pm – Furgiuele (Lega), the competition within the coalition has enriched the team

“The data must crystallize but clearly denotes a strong will of the Calabrian people who have chosen between what is the center-right, that is, the concreteness, the compactness and what is in the center-left, that is, professors and civics who came from the other even from outside the region to think of telling the Calabrians how to live in our territory. I believe it is a historic victory that I hope will give a prospect of rebirth to our region ». The deputy of the League Domenico Furgiuele said so. “Inside us – added Furgiuele – there has been a healthy internal competition that can only enrich a team both in the regional council and in the junta where there is a need for the experience of the political forces of the center-right that have an important history and that they will certainly want to make their contribution to development ».

5.22 pm – Ferro (Fdi), good victory but abstention is worrying

“From the first data we see, even if we are awaiting further updates, the confirmation of that scent of victory emerges that we had felt in recent weeks in the squares, on the streets and among the people with the added value of the prize that the Calabrian people he wanted to give the same side, almost a year after the death of Jole Santelli. A vote that gives confidence to the coalition united around Roberto Occhiuto and that sees in him an authoritative guide in this land of ours ». This was stated by Wanda Ferro regional coordinator of the Brothers of Italy in Calabria. “The gap that sees us winners in the state is very wide – added Ferro – but I must say with great sadness that, for those of us who are in politics and believe in politics, the reconfirmation of the very strong abstention figure that will be the real challenge is worrying. for Roberto Occhiuto and for all of us: to convince everyone and especially young people that there is good politics and good administration ».

17.03 – Mangialavori (Fi), Occhiuto result was in the air

“What was in the air until this morning seems to be happening with the release of the first data confirming the victory of Roberto Occhiuto, both from the exit polls and from the projections”. This was stated by Senator Giuseppe Mangialavori, regional coordinator of Forza Italia, speaking with journalists to comment in the press room of the hotel where Roberto Occhiuto candidate for president of the center-right for the presidency of the Calabria Region and the national coordinator of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani are waiting for the election results.

30 seats available in the Council

A close fight also to win the 30 seats available in the Regional Council. Probably 20 will go to the winning side, the remaining 10 – actually 9 considering that one goes to the best loser among the aspiring presidents – will be divided among the representatives of the coalitions that will be able to overcome the threshold set at 8 percent.

There are three electoral districts:

North (Cosenza and province), Center (the provinces of Crotone, Catanzaro and Vibo), South (Reggio and province). The threshold is set for the individual lists at 4 per cent of the valid votes, for the coalitions at 8 per cent. Two thirds of the seats will be divided according to the proportional ratio: 9 in the North college, 8 Central and 7 South. A third of the seats are instead assigned with the majority to the lists that support the elected president if these do not reach 50 percent of the seats, otherwise there is a majority premium.

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