Surveys for Supplementary Elections 2021 / Exit polls and results: Read in Siena?

Surveys for Supplementary Elections 2021 / Exit polls and results: Read in Siena?
Surveys for Supplementary Elections 2021 / Exit polls and results: Read in Siena?


We wait in a few minutes exit polls and results of the supplementary elections of Siena and Rome that will give us a more truthful picture. Meanwhile, let’s be content with looking at the old ones surveys. While before the election silence i polls on municipal elections and on Regional in Calabria they were “wasted” with many surveys, for the 2021 House Supplementary Elections – at the same time as the other votes for Sunday 3 and Monday 4 October – the data was rather meager. In fact, a single simulation of YouTrend (made at the end of July, among other things) has placed the internal challenges in the center of the 12th district of Tuscany-Collegio uninominale 12 (Siena) and XV District Lazio 1-Single Member College 11 (Rome-Primavalle district, Suburbio Gianicolense, Suburbio Aurelio, Casalotti Area, Trionfale Suburbio, Primavalle District and La Pisana Area).

Certainly the most “succulent” challenge from a political point of view is the one held in T134cana: in place of the resigning deputy Pier Carlo Padoan, who has become a member of the Board of Unicredit, is a candidate on secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta. In the historically “red” college, the number 1 of the Dems ranks in place of the Minister who contributed to the rescue of the Sienese bank Mps, only to go to the bank that closely monitors the future of Monte dei Paschi: the controversy was not wasted , with the center-right shouting at the conflict of interest. The situation, however, of the polls should keep a relative peace of mind at home Pd: for the simulation made by YouTrend in July, therefore before the electoral silence, the center-left coalition (including M5s) aims at 46.3%, against a lower 40.7% of the main challenger of the Center-right, the entrepreneur Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi. However, the unknowns remain for some votes of the “red” Sienese who could go in the direction of the Communist Party with Marco Rizzo (both candidates for the Suppletive of Siena) o Elena Golini with Power to the People.


On the other hand, the situation regarding the Supplementary Elections to the Chamber is different due to the role of deputy that he was of Emanuela Del Re, M5s, today appointed as Special Representative of the European Union for the Sahel. The polls expressed before the ban by law are even less than those related to the figure of Letta in Siena, also because attention on the Rome Primavalle college has waned at the national level once Giuseppe Conte declined the offer to stand as a candidate to enter Parliament (and the M5s remained, among other things, at the stake, not presenting anyone due to a problem of collecting signatures on the appointment of Elisabetta Trenta, former Minister of Defense). The simulation of YouTrend in the summer gave the Center-right coalition in full recovery on the Center-left (Pd + M5s), with 46.9% of the Giallorossi against 46.3% of the Azzurri: months have passed, however, and the 5Stelle Movement has decided to not to take the field in Primavalle, thus missing a potential electoral push to the candidate Dem Andrea Casu. The game is very open, even if historically the Lazio1 college sees Fratelli d’Italia-An with a large presence in the territory and could therefore play an important role in the candidacy of Pasquale Calzetta, also supported by Forza Italia, Lega, Udc and Noi per l’Italia.



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