Fdi: pm Milano take full movie Fanpage – Lombardia

Fdi: pm Milano take full movie Fanpage – Lombardia
Fdi: pm Milano take full movie Fanpage – Lombardia

About 100 hours of recordings. Funding investigation

(ANSA) – MILAN, 04 OCT – The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office is acquiring, through the work of the investigators of the Gdf, the entire footage (about 100 hours) of the Fanpage journalistic investigation which led to the opening of a dossier for fiction offense to parties and money laundering relating to the electoral campaign of the Brothers of Italy for the administrative offices of Milan. Investigation, coordinated by prosecutors Giovanni Polizzi and Piero Basilone, who is also verifying any profiles of apologia for fascism.

In addition to making accounting checks, in fact, the first step of the investigation is the ongoing acquisition of the full video with the recordings of the dialogues of a reporter ‘infiltrated’ by an entrepreneur and Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, known as the “Black Baron”, sentenced to two years for apologia for fascism, Carlo Fidanza, MEP and head of delegation of the Brothers of Italy and the candidate for Palazzo Marino di Fdi the lawyer Chiara Valcepina. Dialogues in which a ‘laundry’ system comes to light to clean up money poured into the black destined for the electoral campaign and also used for other elections and then meetings with explicit racist, fascist and sexist jokes and also references to Hitler’s speech at the Munich brewery and Roman greetings. (HANDLE).


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Fdi Milano full movie Fanpage Lombardia

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