Bonomi serves Italy-Germany-France position on Fit for 55 – Economy

Bonomi serves Italy-Germany-France position on Fit for 55 – Economy
Bonomi serves Italy-Germany-France position on Fit for 55 – Economy

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 04 – “The governments of Italy, Germany and France should reach common positions to be seen by the European Council called in this round to examine the Fit for 55 proposals”, we need “a serious evaluation of the Governments of the first three economies of the Union, because the proposals of the European Commission, as they are now, are inadequate “, warns the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, in a video intervention at the ‘Made in Italy Summit’ of Sole 24 Ore and Financial Times .

The leader of the industrialists said this after reiterating: “The data speak for themselves, the Italian recovery has begun towards more than 6% of GDP, in this 2021 our industry has been the main factor in keeping the national economy alive”; “But the real point is not the ongoing rebound this year, the challenge is the growth rate from 2022 onwards, which must be solid and lasting to ensure a sustainable future for the country”. “This challenge – warns Bonomi – is made difficult by the current international context. The prices of raw materials, in fact, have skyrocketed, as have the price of CO2 emission certificates and maritime costs to and from China.

Furthermore, the shortage of semiconductors has already been stopping the full production of many sectors in fits and starts for months, starting with the automotive sector “.

“Each of these problems cannot find adequate solutions at the national level but needs a series of rapid and effective responses at the international level. In this”: it is from, in this scenario, that Carlo Bonomi’s invitation to the governments of Italy, France and Germany and the reference to the European Commission and in particular to the new European climate package Fit for 55. (ANSA).


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Bonomi serves ItalyGermanyFrance position Fit Economy

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