Rome, Mourinho effect at the stadium: first for filling

Rome, Mourinho effect at the stadium: first for filling
Rome, Mourinho effect at the stadium: first for filling

Club data: guests sector excluded, the company has sold 97.3% of available tickets to date. Soon away to subscriptions. And the takings smile: between Empoli, Udinese, Sassuolo, Cska and Trabzonsport more than 3 million euros in the budget

The Mourinho effect, first of all, because since last May 4, the day on which Roma announced their engagement, the Roma fans love him without reserve. Then the lockdown effect, with the stadiums closed for over a year, which has dramatically increased the desire to be there. And then the team, a team that thanks above all to the captain, Lorenzo Pellegrini, to the return of Zaniolo and the arrival of Abraham is dragging the people. These are the three reasons why the Olimpico, the Giallorossi side, is the stadium that in Italy has registered the highest percentage of filling this season. Over 90% (90.9 to be precise), with 117,800 tickets sold only in Serie A and an average spectators of 29,450 people.

Excluding the guest sector, Rome has sold 97.3% of the coupons available up to now, has exhausted the Premium area, the one dedicated to commercial partners, and as soon as the capacity of the facilities is enlarged it is ready to launch the campaign. subscriptions. Not only love, but also collections: between Empoli, Udinese, Sassuolo, Cska and Trabzonsport, Roma has budgeted over 3 million euros, according to the data provided by the club, about 618 thousand on average per game. And the situation, considering that the team has always won at home and the next will be against Napoli of the former Spalletti, is only destined to grow.


The demand for tickets increases from match to match also thanks to the atmosphere that is being created at the Olimpico. The hymn of the Romanist singer-songwriter Marco Conidi, Never alone, much loved especially by the new generations, the squabbles with the League to have Rome Rome Rome with the players on the pitch (explicit request by Mourinho), the players very involved (yesterday Abraham applauded the fans for a long time after they had sung a cappella Venditti’s song) are all aspects that ensure that the Olimpico has once again become, after a little dull years, even before the pandemic, a stadium of fire. The Curva is there and has always been, the other sectors make themselves felt. And Mourinho appreciates, appreciates very much, so much so that he speaks, openly and in conference, of “Romanism”.

October 4th – 3:32 pm



Rome Mourinho effect stadium filling

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