The first elected mayor is from the Brothers of Italy: Costanzo Della Porta won against abstention

The first elected mayor is from the Brothers of Italy: Costanzo Della Porta won against abstention
The first elected mayor is from the Brothers of Italy: Costanzo Della Porta won against abstention

He was reconfirmed as mayor just a few minutes after noon, so long before the closing of the polls. Costanzo Della Porta, 46 years old, lawyer and father of two daughters, Provincial coordinator for Campobasso of Fratelli d’Italia, was re-elected mayor of San Giacomo degli Schiavoni, in the province of Campobasso: exceeded 40% of the quorum, as required by the electoral law, when in a municipality there is only one candidate for mayor, he received confirmation of the second term in the administrative elections , the outcome of which will be known only in the evening.

“Oh yes – he says to theAdnkronos – the main opponent in these elections was the… quorum. Because being the only candidate there are those who might have thought that it was superfluous to go to the polls: instead the country has shown a great civic sense. Now – he says – we are also waiting for the ballot to be counted, to see if I have reached 50 per cent of the valid votes ”. About 1,400 total inhabitants, 815 had gone to the polls at 12. “In past years – continues Dell Porta -, together with my team,We have always done the good of the country and have been available and attentive ”. The program for the future? “Completing the school – he explains – also with a gym and then interventions for hydrogeological instability and viability”.

Costanzo Della Porta and his militancy in the Brothers of Italy

A long militancy in the social right, now enrolled in the Brothers of Italy and with regional offices, has won hands down, due to the non-existence of opponents. “They are proof that at the local level what counts are programs, promises kept, territorial vision and the relationship with the population” he told the newspaper “Primo Issue”,

Is a victory without opponents a minor victory? No, Della Porta had replied in recent days. “This is the first time this has happened in San Giacomo, where in the past there have also been three opposing lists. I did not want to field any flirtatious list, it seems to me a deception for the citizens. Always be transparent. To be elected, at least 40% of those entitled to vote must go to vote (it was 50%, which then fell due to the new rule in the covid era) otherwise there is a risk of the commissioner, the arrival of an official who will have the sole objective of making ends meet. balance. I really do not think that is desirable, and I am convinced that the citizens know it well. And yes, to answer your question: let’s challenge the quorum. We are the only ones on the pitch. It might seem like a sign of poor democracy, but it’s the other way around. It is a certificate of esteem for an administration that in 5 years has done exactly what it promised. The most extraordinary satisfaction is finding the trust of the people… ”, he said again to Primo Numero.


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