Drugs from Locride to Rome, The GUP: “Vast traffics monitored”

“The investigation activity, which unfolded over the months, made it possible to monitor the existence of vast illicit drug trafficking carried out by a unitary group of subjects, as identified, in the Locride area and unraveled in other areas of the territory national (Lazio and Rome in particular) and allowed, therefore, to identify those responsible for the production of narcotic substances in that area and the consequent sale of drugs in other territories ». This is what the Gup of Reggio Stefania Rachele writes, in summary and with reference to the associative dispute, in the reasons for the sentence of the abbreviated judgment of the maxi-trial resulting from the anti-drug operation “Selfie”.
At the outcome of the first instance, 22 defendants were sentenced for a total of about 183 years of imprisonment, confirming the accusatory system represented by the magistrates of the Reggio anti-mafia prosecutor, in particular by the deputy prosecutor Giovanni Calamita, who discussed before the GUP.
The “Selfie” process resulted from an investigation conducted by the Carabinieri of the Locri Group and the Carabinieri di Bianco Company with the operational support of the “Cacciatori” Airborne Squadron, under the coordination of the Deputy Prosecutor Giuseppe Lombardo.

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Drugs Locride Rome GUP Vast traffics monitored

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