a newsstand on fire on the Via Cassia, a serious 55-year-old

He was urgently transferred from Gemelli to Sant’Eugenio after undergoing a delicate surgery as a result of severe burns on his body after trying to put out a fire in a newsstand in Northern Rome. In a reserved prognosis, a 55-year-old man took to the street once he saw the flames developing on the roof of a kiosk for the sale of newspapers and magazines in Nero’s Tomb, owned by a friend and acquaintance of his.

The fire broke out at around 3:30 on Sunday night from the roof of the kiosk of a newsstand located between Via Cassia and Via Casale Saraceno. Notice the flames, the 55-year-old took to the street and climbed to the roof of the newsstand to extinguish the principle of fire which, however, quickly gained strength, powered by the paper present in the business with the man who, inhaled the smoke, accused of an illness and was stuck surrounded by flames.

The firefighters and agents of the Volanti and the Flaminio Police Commissioner intervened when the rescuers were requested to intervene by other residents on the spot. A situation of maximum danger, with the rescuers who then managed to rescue the 55-year-old who is above the newsstand not without difficulty and risking being intoxicated by the smoke.

When the flames were extinguished by the firefighters, the 55-year-old was rushed to the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital with burns on 35% of his body: lower limbs, face, hands and forearms. Subjected to a delicate operation, he was then transferred to the Sant’Eugenio hospital, specialized in severe burns, where he is still in a reserved prognosis.

Listened to the owner of the newsstand by police investigators, no obvious traces of malice were found at the site of the fire. Investigations underway to reconstruct the causes that led to the fire destroying the commercial operation.


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