The mafia of the new generation, but the releases reopen the assets

The mafia of the new generation, but the releases reopen the assets
The mafia of the new generation, but the releases reopen the assets

The chessboard of Cosa Nostra in Catania.

CATANIA – You move like free dogs, arming yourself and pulling the trigger. This is the new face of the Catania military mafia. Baby criminals, who with their fathers and brothers in prison, have assumed leadership roles within the clans. There is no mention of regents or leaders. But the management of drug dealing squares, cocaine trafficking, drug supplies with Albanians, Calabrians and Campania. But there are also those who would have had the power to commission a murder. There is a slew of juniors in the new ordinances.

In the ranks of Cosa Nostra, we start with the scion Andrea Nice, captured as a fugitive in 2017, up to his nephew Natalino (son of Giovanni ‘banana’), arrested in June for murder. The San Cocimo group – historic stronghold of the Cosa Nostra boss Maurizio Zuccaro – would be in the hands of another baby boss: Tony Trentuno, son-in-law of Lorenzo Saitta (Salvuccio ‘u skeleton), a fugitive for a few weeks. For the Cappello clan, there is Salvuccio Lombardo jr – son of Salvatore, cousin of Turi Cappello – who was accused of having participated in the armed clash with the Milanese Cursoti on 8 August 2020. A mafia war that left two dead and several wounded on the pavement. A shooting in which the very young brothers took part Michael e Martino Sanfilippo, former soldiers of the boss Carmelo “pasta ‘ca sassa” Di Stefano. Both of them, together with their brother Lullaby, they confessed to killing.

New recruits – Dia a few years ago defined them as the children of the mafia – who are filling the power gaps left by the old mafiosi who are detained. Many locked up in 41 bis.

But in the last few months, important characters have returned to freedom. Releases that made investigators raise their antennas. He’s finished serving his sentence Giovanni Comis: he is one of the historical bosses of Picanello, the undisputed realm of ‘Carletto’ Campanella. When Orfeo was arrested in the blitz a few years ago (and later convicted) the carabinieri had documented his return to the command of the Santapaola criminal group as soon as he stepped out of the cell. And remaining in Picanello, there is also freedom Saro Tripoto, a historical member of the team of the district near Ognina. To understand his criminal level (at least past) it is good to remember that he was captured in the famous blitz Summit of 2009, when the military blocked the top of the dome of Cosa Nostra in Catania in a villa in Belpasso. He was also present at the table of the elite of the Santapaolas. And he’s back on the loose too ‘Dino ‘Cammarata, a man from Enzo Aiello’s group, arrested in the blitz of the Dda Caronte. His name ended up in some burning minutes of the repentant Salvatore Bonanno, the tax collector of Cosa Nostra, who included him among the eligible candidates for the role of regent in the case of the arrest of “Francesco ‘colluccio’ Santapaola” (arrested in 2016 in blitz Kronos). The collaborator mentions several bosses, including ‘Ciccio ‘Naples, the grandson of Giuseppe Ferrera ‘Cavadduzzu’. The former head of Cosa Nostra Santo La Causa defined him as a reserved man of honor.

The releases could change the balance in the Mafia chessboard. And fill in the power gaps. Never let your guard down.

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