an atrocious and inexplicable end – Libero Quotidiano

an atrocious and inexplicable end – Libero Quotidiano
an atrocious and inexplicable end – Libero Quotidiano

A tragic and inexplicable end that of 13 year old found lifeless in an accommodation in Asti. The young man, of Senegalese origin, died suffocated by the sofa bed which has closed over him. The cousin, who had gone to bring him the groceries, found the body. The alarm was raised immediately. But for the boy, who was alone in the house, there was nothing he could do. According to preliminary information, presumed he was sleeping when the sofa crushed him.

The sofa bed would have closed over him who, being of very thin build, suffocated to death. The firefighters intervened promptly to try to extract it. Then the carabinieri also arrived who, having carried out the necessary investigations, returned the body to the family. The boy lived in that house with his parents, who though at that moment they were out.

After the alarm raised by the victim’s cousin, the 118 health workers arrived on the spot together with the firefighters and the carabinieri, but for the 13-year-old there was nothing more to do. According to a first reconstruction, it seems that the spring of the sofa, for reasons still to be clarified, is taken by making the bed close with the boy inside. That perhaps he had fallen asleep.

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atrocious inexplicable Libero Quotidiano

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