The Italy that starts from those who get vaccinated – Blog

The Italy that starts from those who get vaccinated – Blog
The Italy that starts from those who get vaccinated – Blog

He speaks little, the tenant of Palazzo Chigi that many already see at the Quirinale (who to get rid of him and who because he considers him among the most authoritative Italians of this long season of apparent transition).

But, despite knowing politics, economics and diplomacy well, Mario Draghi does not send them to say. And he explains that if Italy is finally getting up, the credit goes to vaccines. The return of trust also depends, if not above all, on the many Italians who have decided to take the side of science.

In short, the merit is of those who have chosen the shield – against a virus that does not want to know to leave – and not a skepticism that lengthens the times, that fills with poison a country that has not been smiling for some time and that still leads too many people to resuscitation.

If we can speak of credibility and growth, of a rising GDP, of a diminishing deficit and of trust, “the merit – to use Draghi’s words, pronounced with a certain firmness – is therefore of the many Italians who are vaccinated ».

Despite this, there are still many people who take to the streets against the green pass: women and men who are willing to lose their jobs in order to avoid vaccination. A real discomfort, even if incomprehensible to many eyes. And the eternal electoral campaign did the rest, adding fuel to an already evident fire.

After all, politics – in the season of the Draghi and the Mattarella, men proudly above the parties even if linked to very defined stories and formations – is losing its identity.

It almost seems that before today’s important vote in various Italian cities – a call to the polls whose outcome will inevitably weigh on the future of the government and the increasingly imminent race to the Colle – politics is struggling to find its own identity, its own pace , the traditional boundaries of one’s political action.

Ideas and ideologies, in Italy no less than elsewhere, have long been less defined.

With a few rare exceptions, left and right are slogans more than claims of values.

The center remains the island pursued by all. A place sought above all by those who believe that voters, although accustomed to constant change, always tend to remain close to that area steeped in moderation and fear of any possible leap in the dark.

And the candidates themselves are increasingly not very political and very civic, as if to underline a paradoxical aspect: the parties try to get rid of every symbol, even in the choices of possible mayors, in order to actually try to find a more defined political dimension.

Why it is useless to deny it: Draghi gives everyone security and authority, far beyond our borders, but at the same time gives the feeling that we can do without politics.

This is also why the other day he recalled that “only Parliament can decide on the life and effectiveness of this government”.

And only tomorrow will we know how this politics and this parliament – partly inhabited also by survivors – will react to the impact of today’s vote. The growing nervousness, as usual, doesn’t help anyone.

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