“Vote later”, in some polling stations Rome is chaos – Lazio

“Vote later”, in some polling stations Rome is chaos – Lazio
“Vote later”, in some polling stations Rome is chaos – Lazio

‘Voters sent home’, reports from several municipalities.

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 03 – Wrong ballots and registers, minutes with missing pre-printed papers, badly printed lists of candidates outside the polling stations: at 7 am the polls open in the capital but in several polling stations in Rome it is already chaos. And in some cases, voters were asked to “go home and come later”. The inefficiencies were reported and found in the sections of some municipalities of the capital, as in III; in the VIII; in the thirteenth; in the fourteenth and fifteenth. “Two sections of Casalotti had finished the ballots at 10 in the morning and had to send the people home”, Brothers of Italy sources told ANSA. From what is learned from the same sources there would have been inefficiencies also for the “wrong and exchanged ballots”, or in some sections the gray ballots to vote for the minis may and the related lists did not correspond to the municipality of the territory. “It is not believed, the 2280 has always been a section of Primavalle, now it has been moved to Massimina”, joke some exponents of Fonti di Sinistra Civica Ecologista. (HANDLE).


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Vote polling stations Rome chaos Lazio

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