In Rome, hours in a row at the registry office for the electoral card. Chaos ballots in the polling stations

In Rome, hours in a row at the registry office for the electoral card. Chaos ballots in the polling stations
In Rome, hours in a row at the registry office for the electoral card. Chaos ballots in the polling stations

Wrong ballots and registers, minutes with missing pre-printed papers, badly printed lists of candidates outside the polling stations: at 7 am the polls open in the capital but in several polling stations in Rome it is already chaos. And in some cases, voters were asked to “go home and come later”. The inefficiencies were reported and found in the sections of some municipalities of the capital, as in III; in the VIII; in the thirteenth; in the fourteenth and fifteenth.

In the meantime, many voters have queued for hours at the registry office in via Petroselli to get the electoral card and be able to vote. Several reports on social media of complaints, complaints, photos of endless queues with few employees behind the counter. There are many 18-year-olds who have to vote for the first time, but there are also those who have to regularize their residence: “There are those who have to change their residence from outside Rome, then there is a line of those who have to do the change of residence in Rome. They check if one can vote, they gave me a provisional certificate that allows me to vote this time and the ballot ”says a boy after 5 hours spent in different queues between the offices. “They told me 15 days ago to come here on the day of the vote” he explains, “but many people have left”.

In the polling stations, some voters were asked to appear at a later date. “Two sections of Casalotti had finished the ballots at 10 in the morning and had to send people home”, Brothers of Italy sources told ANSA. From what we learn from the same sources, there would have been inefficiencies also for the “wrong and exchanged ballots”, or in some sections the gray ballots to vote for the minis may and the related lists did not correspond to the municipality of the territory. “It is not believed, the 2280 has always been a section of Primavalle, now it has been moved to Massimina”, joke some exponents of Fonti di Sinistra Civica Ecologista. “Actually we have a lot of chaos – explained instead by Fdi – some citizens were in fact sent home without being able to vote for their own town hall but they only voted for the municipality. They were told to come back for the municipal ballot but that means they already have the stamp on their voting card ”. In some cases the lists posted outside the sections were printed badly, as reported by the regional councilor, candidate in the Demos list for Gualtieri, Paolo Ciani.

In some sections of the XV town hall the opening of the seats was complex: cards and registers exchanged and missing lists. “At polling station 2337 (San Godenzo area) the electoral registers of the men were not present. And they had to advise them to come back after an hour and a half ”, explains Alessandro Cozza, coordinator of the committee of the candidate for president of Municipality XV, Daniele Torquati. Same scenes in some seats of the Town Hall III. “In various sections they sent ballots from another municipality – writes Christian Raimo, councilor of Municipality III, candidate with the list of Giovanni Caudo on Fb – the people who came to vote gave up and went home”.


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