Home-schooling: how many families in Italy choose this option?

Home-schooling: how many families in Italy choose this option?
Home-schooling: how many families in Italy choose this option?

It is called “home-schooling” or “parental education”. I am talking about the decision of some parents, especially following the tightening of vaccines and the green pass, to manage the education of their children in the family.

On social media there are those who naively invite to this radical choice. Why naively? Because, as we said about DDA, school is not just education, led by teacher-teachers, but, above all, a relational experience. The legislation allows it, and, until now, cases could be counted on the fingers of one hand in a school. But today they are growing in number.

The reasons may be the accusation, a couple of years ago, of gender culture, or the vaccine issue, which today is at the center of so much controversy. To the point that I happened to witness fierce clashes even between parents, between those who are in favor of vaccines for their children and those who are against it.

In short, today there are those who no longer even trust schools, until now considered by all to be a guarantee of balance and pluralist welcome, and instead want to do it on their own. The only decisive constraint for the students’ educational path concerns the assessments, that is, the obligation to take exams as a private practitioner.

Sociality, it was said, the relational value so much invoked in this year and a half of distance learning? Secondary problems.
There are those who even feel like a new Don Milani, who founded his school in Barbiana and then had to deal with the fearful teacher of the state school, hence the famous “letter”. Others are simply just waiting for this “buriana” to pass, and prefer to bypass the vaccine issue at another time.

The fact is that the news now does not fail to give space to these attempts, for those who can afford them, of family management of the education of children. In the Triveneto some cases have been reported in the province of Bolzano, a province, as is known, with the lowest percentages of people vaccinated.

These parents are often organized into groups and assisted by some tutor, who prepares courses for personalized, home and community education and education. The right to homeschooling, in addition to articles 14 and 33 of the European Convention on Human Rights, is provided for by Legislative Decree no. 76, approved on April 15, 2005 by the second Berlusconi government (Minister of education was Letizia Moratti), which definitively sanctioned the entry of homeschooling into the Italian school system by establishing, in article 1, paragraph 4, that “parents, o those who take their place, who intend to provide for the education of their children privately or directly, for the purpose of exercising the right and duty, must demonstrate that they have the technical or economic capacity and notify the competent authority year by year, which provides for the appropriate controls “.

This means that, given the compulsory schooling up to the age of 16 and the compulsory education up to the age of 18, parents must certify that they possess the means and skills necessary to carry out compulsory education on their own; notify the home school in writing of their decision to resort to homeschooling; present their child for exams in a state school, subject to a formal application for admission to the same accompanied by the program carried out, if they want to enroll the child in the school the following year.

How many families in Italy choose this option?
Following the debate on social media I seem to have sensed that there should be a thousand cases in Italy, and a little more in other countries.
But I have not found official data from us.

To close, I would like to emphasize the risks of such radical choices.
Because, as always, it is important to put oneself from the point of view of a child or a boy, without giving too much importance to ideological readings.
And, as always, looking at children and our young people we see that relationships take priority over all other issues.
Families are the first to be responsible for the education of their children, but formation is beyond and other than education itself, because it leads them to encounter the plurality of their worlds, experiences, even the sufferings of life.
In other words, school is truly a training ground for life, that is, at school you learn to live.
The damage of these rash choices will see them later, if not almost immediately.

So it is right to preach attention and prudence on these choices.
In other words, relationships are also learned, and over the years, they learn a lot outside the home. Therefore, caution.

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