the video, lynching in absentia of Fratelli d’Italia-

the video, lynching in absentia of Fratelli d’Italia-
the video, lynching in absentia of Fratelli d’Italia-
from Franco Stefanoni

“I have nothing to be ashamed of, what happened was studied at the table by an entire circus. Traps against us because we are not blackmailable, this is scary in Italy “

«Lynching in absentia of an entire party on the basis of a partisan reconstruction. I have nothing to be ashamed of, what happened was studied at the table by an entire circus. Traps against us because we cannot be blackmailed, this is scary in Italy ».

With these words – entrusted to a long video published on his social networks, on the day of election silence – Giorgia Meloni
responded to the Fanpage inquiry transmitted during the broadcast A clean sweep conducted by Corrado Formigli on La 7, where it tells of alleged illicit financing to FdI and racist and anti-Semitic contexts that involve people linked to the party (here the investigation in a video that summarizes it in a minute).

At the center of the investigation are the Brothers of Italy MEP Carlo Fidanza who would have accepted the proposal of an undercover journalist of Fanpage (who for three years pretended to be a businessman, approaching the far-right Milanese groups) of funding in black for the election campaign of Chiara Valcepina, a candidate in Milan for the Brothers of Italy. Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, known as the “black baron”, allegedly acted as an “intermediary” for the alleged illicit exchange (and on Saturday, after some exponents of the Brothers of Italy and the Lega had spoken of it as a “speck” , underlined with a post his closeness to those parties: “Nobody pretends not to know me,” he wrote, posting two of his photos with Meloni and Salvini).

«Lucano a hero because one of them, Fidanza, condemned without even an investigation. If not biased, Formigli broadcasts this video of mine in its entirety “, continued Meloni,” the images broadcast on TV have also struck me, so I ask for those videos to get to the bottom. I am never indulgent with those who make mistakes, but I do not accept morality, the judgment belongs to the Italians ». “I asked to have the entire film to know how things went, how people behaved. The manager replied that my request is obscene. It is journalism to instigate wrongdoing while hungry for a false step. Fanpage says my request to have the whole shot is obscene, what is it I can’t see? In 10 minutes of video in prime time 2 days before the vote and in the newspapers on the day of silence. Nothing to be ashamed of, what happened studied at the table by an entire circus ».

Meloni attacked the press: “We do not have and will not have many friends among the strong powers, but I trust that we still have some good friends among the Italians. You journalists, feignedly indignant, who have not written a line on the 24 thousand euros found in the dog’s kennel of a Pd senator, on the disgust that is being consumed around Monte dei Paschi di Siena, on the 100 million fake masks and overpaid with money of the Italians by Domenico Arcuri through a brokerage company that had a single employee, while people were dying … you can’t do morality to anyone, don’t stay there to explain to me what I should do or who I should be: I will never be like you”.

Meloni continues in his video: «Three years as an undercover journalist, 100 hours of footage, from which 10 minutes of arbitrarily cut and stitched video are extrapolated. When they can talk about you and you can’t defend yourself, when people have to decide whether or not to vote for you the next day, because today we vote ». «Next week, again during the election campaign, the broadcast A clean sweep will make another episode on this topic (the leader of FdI was invited together with the director of Fanpage, ed) “, Meloni explained,” I trust that Corrado Formigli, from the height of his intellectual honesty typical of journalists who are not biased, will also broadcast this video of mine in its entirety, which lasts much shorter than those of Fanpage».

Meanwhile, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the director of Fanpage, Francesco Cancellato, explained why he does not intend to deliver the 100 hours of footage to Meloni, but to the Prosecutor’s Office. ‘Clockwork investigation? No, but it concerns a candidate, and it was right to broadcast it before the vote ».

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