San Donato, plane crashes on a building. The eight passengers died – Chronicle

San Donato, plane crashes on a building. The eight passengers died – Chronicle
San Donato, plane crashes on a building. The eight passengers died – Chronicle

San Donato (Milan) – Tragedy in the skies of Milan. Today, Sunday 3 October, shortly after 1pm, a small private plane crashed against the facade of a building at the corner of via 8 ottobre 2001 and via Marignano, near the underground station of San Donato Milanese (Milano). Death of the eight people on board: the pilot and seven passengers, including a child. Firefighters, police and emergency vehicles on site. The firefighters immediately set to work to extinguish the flames that involved the aircraft and the building. The National Flight Safety Agency has opened ainquiry e has ordered the sending of a investigator on the site of the event. The deputy prosecutor of Milan, Tiziana Siciliano – who arrived at the scene of the accident to make the findings of the case – said that a “ dossier for culpable disaster “. And he added that the black box was found.

Eight people died from the crash of the air taxi, therefore of a service like that of normal land taxis. The work of recognizing the victims is very difficult given the violence of the impact with the building, with the firefighters who managed to recover only one body, and also due to the absence of a passenger register, not provided for flights national. Driving was the Commander Dan Petrescu, 68 years old, owner and pilot of the plane. Between victims his 30-year-old son, Dan Stefan Petrescu, initially indicated at the helm of the plane, born in Munich and also with dual citizenship, e his wife, aged 65, born in Romania with French citizenship. There should also be an Italian man, Filippo Nascimbene, 33-year-old Pavese, with his wife, little son and mother-in-law, who are instead of French nationality. Two consulates were therefore involved who worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to officially identify the people involved.

Petrescu left Bucharest last Thursday aboard his Pilatus PC12, a single-engine turboprop that can accommodate 8 passengers that he bought in 2015 together with another of his partners, Vova Cohn, a former shareholder of the Dinamo Bucharest football team. He then participated in the baptism of the child, the son of friends of his son Dan Stefan, 30, a researcher in Canada and born in Munich, where the Petrescu family had taken refuge to escape from the communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. Returning to his homeland after 1989, he had started invest in the automotive market and above all in that real estate. It had large areas and numerous buildings that it began selling to large commercial chains such as Metro and Real, amassing a assets estimated at 3 billion euros, to the point that his friend Tiriac has often referred to him “the richest man in Romania”. “Shadow billionaire” another of the definitions of the Romanian media, which describe him as a reserved, shy businessman and very little lover of the spotlight. Among his many properties there is also a villa in Sardinia, where his 98-year-old mother was waiting for him. But the his plane in Olbia never arrived.

Dan Petrescu, “the shadow billionaire”

Crashed plane: that’s who the victims of the massacre are

The aircraft, a Pilatus PC-12, took off from the Linate runway at 13.03 and crashed six minutes later. He flew over Segrate and the seaplane base, following the correct course foreseen by the flight plan, but then, instead of continuing south, it veered perhaps because the pilot lost control or because he wanted to return to the airport. The crashed plane fell on one empty building under renovation, used as offices and bus parking. The flames immediately engulfed the two-storey building in via 8 ottobre 2001, at the corner of via Marignano, a few steps from the headquarters of Eni of San Donato and from the terminus of the yellow subway. “The impact was devastating”: said Carlo Cardinali, official of the Milan fire brigade, rushed immediately to San Donato Milanese. An empty building only because the tragedy occurred on a public holiday: “We were making the Bus Station medium and long distance. Luckily there is no one inside, but tomorrow morning there would be workers “: this is what the architect Michele Pugliese, the director of the works in progress in the building against which the Pilatus Pc-12 crashed, said. On the spot too the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala e the his colleague from San Donato Andrea Cecchi.

San Donato: where the plane crashed. The route and site of the crash

San Donato, the crashed plane is a Pilatus Pc-12: history and technical data sheet of the aircraft

The National Flight Safety Agency has opened ainvestigation e has ordered the sending of a investigator on the site of the event. “As far as is currently known – reads a note -, the aircraft PC-12 midentification YR-PDV, which took off from Linate at 13:04 local time with destination Olbia, struck a building in San Donato Milanese, setting itself on fire. “The deputy prosecutor of Milan, Tiziana Siciliano – arrived at the accident site to make the findings of the case in view of the investigation to ascertain the causes of the disaster – did it know that “will open a dossier for culpable disaster “e that “la sblack cat was found “. Then he explained that they are the videos of the surveillance cameras have been acquired “who resumed the moment, a few seconds, impact “. “You can see the blaze at the moment of impact. Now we must also acquire all the necessary documentation to reconstruct the dynamics of the disaster. At the moment it is too early for any hypothesis”, Siciliano said. It is known – added the magistrate – that the flight was followed up to a certain point. After that some anomaly occurred in the radar track and then it crashed. “The plane actually” hit the roof “of the building and from the board” no alarm signal went off. “The deputy prosecutor, considering that near the the place of the tragedy is the subway and the bus station noted that “the accident could have had much more dramatic consequences”, underlining that the “sad” toll is 8 victims.

San Donato, plane crashed: file for culpable disaster

Crashed plane: the moment of impact in a video

“The plane had a engine on fire and he swooped down, no maneuvers were seen, but he really crashed “, some said witnesses. And those who live not far from the place of the tragedy added: “I heard the window panes tremble, I opened them and, like in the movies, I saw one large column of smokeget up. And I called for help. “” I heard a strange noise, like an engine failing, at least this seemed in hindsight: there was a very loud whistle, immediately after the crash, the roar “, continued another tenant. According to another witness” the plane was already in flames before falling “.

Witnesses: “Engine on fire, Piper swooping down”

The tourist plane, crashed today in Milan, brings to mind another tragedy. Not for the dynamics and not even for the number of people involved, but because it happened a a few hundred meters from via ‘8 ottobre 2001’, the road dedicated to the victims of Linate. That day twenty years ago, the tragic accident occurred in the Milanese airport, in which 118 people lost their lives.

Plane crashed: in the skies it is the third tragedy of the year

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