Municipal elections 2021: turnout at 33.18% at 19. From Milan to Naples, all the data

Municipal elections 2021: turnout at 33.18% at 19. From Milan to Naples, all the data
Municipal elections 2021: turnout at 33.18% at 19. From Milan to Naples, all the data

Rome, 3 October 2021 – It is dated 33.18% of the turnout at the polls detected at 19 for municipal elections in 1,153 centers called to vote (the data released by the Interior Ministry does not take into account the municipalities in progress in Friuli Venezia Giulia). As of June 5, 2016, at the same time, the turnout had been 46%, but they voted in just one day.

Turnout at 19 cities by city

Milano 31,02% (ore 12: 11,01%)

Varese 35,17% (ore 12: 12,55%)

Torino 29,29% (ore 12: 9,62%)

Novara 35,01% (ore 12: 12,33%)

Naples 25,44% (ore 12: 10,18%)

Salerno 32,23% (ore 12: 13,09%)

Roma 29,5% (ore 12: 11,83%)

Bologna 29,25% (ore 12: 12,78%)

Rimini 34,12% (ore 12: 13,65%)

Ravenna 31,88% (ore 12: 12,87%)

Grosseto 36,14% (ore 12: 15,3%)

Also confirmed at the 19 o’clock survey, the decrease in voters at regional in Calabria. The turnout was of 22,66% against 35.52 at the same time in January 2020, when, however, we voted in a single day while in this round the polling stations will also be open tomorrow from 7 to 15. Catanzaro is the province where the most voted with 24.96 However, a decrease compared to a year ago (38.54%). Followed by the provinces of Cosenza (22.86% against 35.81%), Reggio Calabria (22.36% against 35.23%), Vibo Valentia (20.38% against 33.18%) and Crotone (20, 08% versus 32.17%).


Open ballot boxes

Until 11pm today 3 October and tomorrow from 7 to 15 are called to vote (here what is needed to vote) over 12 million Italians to elect mayors and councils of 1,192 municipalities (1,154 in the 15 regions with ordinary statute and 38 in the region with special statute of Friuli Venezia Giulia). To vote 19 provincial capitals of which 6 also regional capitals: Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin and Trieste. The remaining 13 provincial capitals called for renewal are Benevento, Caserta, Cosenza, Grosseto, Isernia, Latina, Novara, Pordenone, Ravenna, Rimini, Salerno, Savona and Varese. In Calabria there is also a vote in regional elections.

Municipal elections 2021: facsimiles of the city by city ballots

2021 municipal elections: where, when and how to vote. Timetables, cards, gender preference

Municipal elections: how to vote. Electoral system, preferences, disjoint, ballot

Big vote between Rome and Milan

Given that these administrative offices will decide who will lead the main Italian cities, it is inevitable that political leaders are also called to the polls like all normal voters residing in Rome, as in Milan. The premier Mario Draghi votes in the Mameli high school, in the Parioli area of ​​Rome. Also in the city the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni and the leader of the Five Stars Giuseppe Conte, in his first electoral test in the role of party leader.

The scenarios of the main cities

EDITORIAL / Two risks for right and left – by M. Brambilla

The federal secretary of the League, Matteo Salviniinstead, I vote in the polling station in his Milan, as does the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. And finally another former premier, but today Pd secretary, Enrico Letta, he first votes in Testaccio for the mayor of the capital, then he will go to Siena, where he is a candidate for the supplementary chamber. Then tomorrow, to follow the counting of these administrative offices, the party headquarters will open. There, the first exit polls will be discussed throughout the day, then the outcome of the challenges between the candidates for mayors and finally the most delicate data for the leadership of the individual political forces: those relating to the list vote.

Separate municipal vote 2021: how it works

Municipal elections 2021: this is where the leaders are at stake

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