two 18-year-olds died

Tragic accident today Sunday 3 October on the Pontina, in the province of Latina. According to initial information, two 18-year-olds lost their lives, while three others are injured, including two boys who were in a car with them.

As LatinaToday reports, the accident occurred around 4 in the morning in the Aprilia area, at kilometer 41 + 750, heading south towards Terracina. From what we learn, there are three cars that have been involved.

Highway 148 Pontina was temporarily closed and reopened hours after the accident, around 10.30.

Traffic police officers intervened on the spot for the ritual surveys and are now responsible for reconstructing the tragic accident; the Anas teams also reached the Pontina, together with the 118 health workers and the firefighters.

Accident on the Pontina, two young people dead: reconstruction

According to an initial reconstruction of the dynamics, 4 boys aboard a Polo, all from Anzio, proceeded southwards when the driver, for reasons that are still being examined by the traffic police, lost control of the car by rubbing the guardrail and then finished on the other side and hit a concrete artifact on the side of the road.

Only after several rollovers did the vehicle stop in the middle of the road. Two of the boys who were on board would have been thrown out of the cockpit. Just then a Ford Fiesta hit the road and hit the stationary car, while a third car, a Nissan Qashqai, dragged one of the young men.

Accident in Aprilia: many points to be clarified

The field of the accident is almost a kilometer long and the findings by the traffic police were not easy. There are several points that still need to be clarified at the moment. First of all, who of the four boys was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. It is also necessary to understand if the two boys who were thrown out of the cockpit, probably sitting in the back seat, were wearing the seat belt. Nothing is known about the causes of the accident.

As soon as possible, the police officers will also listen to the other two young people who were injured who are hospitalized in Aprilia, a 17-year-old and another of the same age as the two victims. The man who was driving the Ford Fiesta was also injured in the accident and is hospitalized in Pomezia; while the occupants of the third vehicle did not suffer serious consequences.

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