Plane crashed in San Donato, Milan: 8 deaths –

Plane crashed in San Donato, Milan: 8 deaths –
Plane crashed in San Donato, Milan: 8 deaths –

Plane crash, Sunday in the early afternoon, a Milano.

A Pilatus PC 12 single-prop airplane, with 8 people on board including a one-year-old child, precipitate between via Marignano and via 8 October 2001 (by a tragic coincidence, the street that recalls the Linate massacre, whose twentieth anniversary is Friday), near the terminus San Donato metro line 3, at 1.15pm on Sunday 3 October, e caught fire and crashed into an empty building under renovation.

Unfortunately there are no survivors.

Dan Petrescu, 68, a well-known Romanian businessman, was among the victims

At the controls of the plane was Dan Petrescu, 68, a Romanian billionaire businessman with dual German citizenship. On board were his wife, aged 65, born in Romania with French citizenship, and his 30-year-old son, Dan Stefan Petrescu, born in Munich and also with dual citizenship. Petrescu known in Romania for being a successful real estate entrepreneur, one of the richest men in the country, owner of hypermarkets and commercial galleries.

On the spot numerous crews of firefighters, 118, police and carabinieri. Rescuers described chilling images from the disaster site. The mayor of Milan arrived on the spot Beppe Sala and the mayor of San Donato Milanese Andrea Checchi: the area where the plane crashed in fact on the border between the two municipalities.

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The photos of the plane crashed in Milan

The crashed plane it had taken off only 11 minutes earlier, at 13.04, from the main Linate runway. The aircraft correctly carried out a maneuver to the right, flying over the area of ​​the seaplane base and the Segrate freight yard, then instead of proceeding south, on the route planned to arrive in Olbia in Sardinia, the plane would suddenly turn towards San Donato. The crash, according to the first findings of the investigators, occurred in a dive hitting the roof and part of the facade of the building owned by the Municipality of Milan. A witness heard by investigators said he saw flames come out of the Pilatus engine while it was still in flight. At the moment it does not appear that the Sos from board has been issued.

The building hit, which also caught fire on impact, a building under renovation, owned by the Municipality, which would have handed it over to Atm, near the San Donato metro station. Some cars were also destroyed by fire park in the area. In the building, works were being carried out for the construction of a medium and long-distance bus station, as explained by the architect Michele Pugliese, construction manager of the structure. Fortunately, as it was Sunday, it was deserted. The building being completed. They warned me, Fr.Fortunately, there was no one, but in the morning the workers would be inside. At another time, the impact could cause more deaths, especially because once completed it would be inside the ticket office, the driver’s quarters, the station offices. It was planned to be put into operation by the end of the year.

Some witnesses, residing in a building about 200 meters from the site of the tragedy, said they heard a strange noise, like a kind of whistle, and then a bang, to have looked out the window and to have seen a ball of fire. The plane hit the building on the facade, with an extremely violent impact, he explained Carlo Cardinali, fire brigade officer from Milan. The pilot made a tack, then he noticed some anomaly. The remains of the plane are scattered over a large area around the point of impact.

Plane crash in Milan, insights

We have acquired some video which partly show the moment of impact. There was explosion after impact on the roof. The black box was recovered, the deputy prosecutor said Tiziana Siciliano, arrived at the impact site to make the relevant findings in view of theinvestigation to ascertain the causes of the accident. A dossier for culpable disaster will be opened. The National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) also has opened a security investigation and ordered the dispatch of an investigator to the site of the plane crash.

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