Municipal turnout slows down: 12.7% of voters voted at 12 noon. To the Regionals in Calabria it does not go beyond 7%

Municipal turnout slows down: 12.7% of voters voted at 12 noon. To the Regionals in Calabria it does not go beyond 7%
Municipal turnout slows down: 12.7% of voters voted at 12 noon. To the Regionals in Calabria it does not go beyond 7%

The vote in the Common called to the polls: at ore 12, when the polling stations have already been open for five hours, the turnout stops at 12,67%. In the previous elections of 5 June 2016 at the same time, participation was much higher, al 17.74 per cent. Part of the difference is physiological, because five years ago it was voted in just one day, but this is still a 5 percentage point drop. A figure also confirmed by the regional in Calabria, where always at noon the turnout is at 7,4%, against the 10,5% of the previous election.

The polling stations are open in 1.192 municipal administrations from 7 am to 11 pm today (Sunday) e Monday 4th October from 7 to 15. They are called to the polls for the election of mayor and city council as well 12 million Italians. We also vote for the supplementary of the Chamber (in Siena and in the Primavalle district in Rome) and precisely for the Calabrian regional ones. The attentions are mostly on Roma – the city where the outcome of the vote is most uncertain – and then on Milano, Naples, Bologna e Torino: it’s 5 major cities in which the electoral battle is played, obviously also decisive at the national political level. The eventual turn of ballot will be held on 17 and 18 October.

Roma, like the other 5 cities that symbolize this electoral round, registers a participation lower compared to the national average: at 12 noon in the capital voted on 12% of those entitled. The distance remains from the 2016 elections, when 14.64% of Romans had already put the cross on the ballot at noon. TO Milano participation is under the national average: at 12 noon only the11,46% of voters, compared to 16.15% recorded five years ago. Same trend also a Naples, where at noon the11% of those entitled: the last time the turnout was 16.46%. TO Bologna percentages higher but still down compared to 2016: at 12 noon 13.1% of voters went to the polls (it was already 20.1% five years ago). The other big city to vote, Torino, registers a turnout of 10,66% at noon, against 15.32% in the previous session.

“Voted! With a little bit of emotion ”, he writes Enrico Letta on Twitter. Adding the ‘crossed fingers’ emoticon. The secretary of the Democratic Party is also the only party leader directly involved in the vote: he is a candidate for suppletive in the college of Camera of Siena-Arezzo. “The vote is the gesture more basic at the same time more decisive exercise of democratic rights. We must do it with joy, aware that we are contributing to nourish our beautiful democracy in this way. the I just voted, do it too. Happy Sunday everyone! “, Wrote the former premier and current president of M5S on social media, Giuseppe Conte. He chose a Facebook post too Matteo Salvini: “We respond with a smile, with work, with ideas, with desire to unite, improve, change our beautiful Italy. We respond with the vote. Happy Sunday of change e freedom, Friends”.

The leader of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi instead he spoke on the sidelines of the vote at his seat in Milan: “The mayoral candidates are those who come out of the choices of this or that party leader, instead of democratic choices, so maybe next time it will be necessary to change the system“, He said, criticizing the center-right’s choices for administrative matters. For the election campaign, he added, “I worked from home, where requested I did phone calls even at the rallies, I think I have given the contribution that I could give responsibly with a lot of conviction ”, he concluded.

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