The social experiment of the Disabled Pirate with the candidates for mayors in the streets of Milan Video

On the eve of the administrative elections of 3-4 October, our friends Disabled Pirates decided to carry out a social experiment with the candidates for mayors of Milan, taking them for a ride in a wheelchair through the streets of the Baggio district, in order to try “on their own skin “the many small architectural barriers that people in wheelchairs encounter every day.

Out of 13 candidates to the “municipal”, only 3 respond to the invitation of the Disabled Pirate: Bianca Tedone (Potere al Popolo), Gianluigi Paragone (Mayor comparison + Great North) and Gabriele Mariani (Milan in municipality + Civica AmbientaLista). Together with the 3 candidates for mayors Andrey explores and explains why a step or a ramp that is missing in a shop are small things that only the public administration can fix.

Among those present there are some clever ones, who take advantage of the situation to campaign for an election, with a forest of personal social media managers who stream candidates in wheelchairs on Facebook and mysterious balloons with the name of a candidate in plain sight, a candidate who does not is presented at the meeting, but which coincidentally had a demonstration in support of him scheduled on the same day, at the same time and in the same place set by the Disabled Pirate for the social experiment.

“The balance is not positive for us – explains Andrey Chaykin – Out of 13 candidates, only 3 arrived, despite the emails, requests and the wide notice we had given. We expected another sensitivity on the part of politics on the issue of disability. . To the 3 candidates who participated in the social experiment, on the other hand, we give a pass, because despite their commitment they did not seem fully aware of where they were and what they were doing. We hope that they will at least work on the 12 proposals for an inclusive city that we handed them over, and let them try to put them into practice “


social experiment Disabled Pirate candidates mayors streets Milan Video

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