Enpab, the conference “A thousand shades of sustainability” in Milan

ROME (ITALPRESS) – The experience lived by freelancers during the pandemic has exacerbated the critical issues related to the “uncontrolled globalization of profit” in recent years, further conditioning the governance of the pension funds which have had to face unpredictable emergencies. It is increasingly essential to anticipate actions for a solid recovery. The revision of the welfare system becomes more urgent than ever with the transformation from an exclusively welfare model, which must not be abandoned but expanded, to a model that is able to reactivate and support the autonomy of professionals.
With this in mind, the Enpab-National Biological Assistance Welfare Body has started a constant dialogue with its audiences and, through AdEPP, with the political-institutional system to which to address requests and submit the needs of the categories it represents.
The event tomorrow (2 October) in Milan “A thousand shades of sustainability: how to concretely affect the environmental impact” is intended to be a small contribution in line with the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development that all countries have set themselves as a goal for 2030 and presents the next political actions of the Authority’s commitment to the environment.
President Tiziana Stallone will talk with Senator Assuntela Messina, Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition on the important issue of the Next Generation Eu, sustainability and the sense of responsibility of professionals.
“The pandemic has exposed many of the frailties of professionals. – Stallone commented – Employment is the main priority on which to intervene. Our Study Center gives us an image, with not negligible territorial differences, in which a greater number of young biologists and young biologists still suffer heavily from the action of the pay-gap. It is to them that the main actions of our Fund go without neglecting the support and professional retraining of professionals affected by the pandemic ”.
“Today – he underlined – thanks to the massive intervention of the European Union, we are called – as a country system – to invest in the digital and sustainable transition to relaunch productivity and growth. These events serve to guide active policies, but also to understand the direction to be given to our young people. We will foster public and private synergy and strengthen our audiences and guide them to seize all the opportunities of the PNRR ”.
The debate, moderated by Marco Castellazzi, Rai3 journalist and presenter of Geo, will be attended by Andrea De Bertoldi, secretary of the VI permanent finance and treasury commission and member of the parliamentary supervisory commission on the Tax Registry; Elisabetta Galli, general management of ARPA Lombardia; Patrizia Michela Giangualano Independent Director, Governance and Sustainability Advisor; Marco Lupo, general manager of Arpa Lazio, vice president of SNPA – National system for environmental protection; Elisabetta Montesissa, deputy director of Campagna Amica – national secretary of Terranostra; Enzo Spisni, director of the Laboratory of Translational Physiology and Nutrition of the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna; and Elvira Tarsitano, biologist and professor of Animal Biology at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bari.

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