Rome, the mystery of the ‘interrupted pedestrian crossing’ throughout the city

Rome, the mystery of the ‘interrupted pedestrian crossing’ throughout the city
Rome, the mystery of the ‘interrupted pedestrian crossing’ throughout the city

The first part is often freshly painted, and stands out on the visible and well-designed road. But in the middle of the carriageway the drawing stops, disappearing into thin air. This is what happens in many streets of the capital at pedestrian crossing whose traces, mysteriously, are lost in the middle of the lane. a
bizarre and inexplicable phenomenon
and which could present major elements of danger and which is reported to the Adnkronos, as well as by dozens of astonished citizens, by two exponents of the Brothers of Italy, Enrico Cola and Margherita Bianchi. “That of the pedestrian crossing in the middle is a real mystery, comparable perhaps to the crop circles that suddenly appear without any logical explanation”, affirm Cola and Bianchi, candidates in the next administrative elections in the row of Fratelli d’Italia in II Municipality of Rome, who collected images from all over the city.

From the center to the periphery you can see “zebras that inexplicably stop in the middle of the road, and remain unfinished. situation that creates confusion between pedestrians and motorists, and also opens up a legal front: in the event of an investment in the part of the road without stripes, who compensates the users? We ask the Municipality for explanations about this completely new phenomenon in the capital, and which risks having serious repercussions on the road safety front “, continue the two FdI exponents.

Contacted by Adnkronos, the Codacons makes it known that he is aware of the strange affair and that he has already activated himself for a formal complaint. “On invisible pedestrian crossings we are preparing a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office and Corte dei Conti to shed light on the maintenance of road signs and on the use of public funds by the Municipality and municipalities – says the president Carlo Rienzi- The zebras fade too much and too quickly, in some streets they disappear, in others they are so worn that they are not very visible, especially at night or in case of rain. A problem that increases the risk of investments of pedestrians and that the Raggi administration has not been able to adequately deal with, as shown by the images we have collected in the last few days in the city “.


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