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Expo, in Dubai all queued to get to know technological and “green” Italy

Arriving (and entering) is not a walk in the park. To enter Dubai from abroad you need a molecular swab and to access the Expo 2020 site a vaccination certificate or, again, a molecular swab is required. Yet already on the first day of opening, the Universal Exposition slowly began to fill up, reaching a good traffic of visitors in the afternoon.

One of the longest queues is the one at the Italian Pavilion, 3,500 square meters in which the products and ideas of over 50 Italian companies, but also of 70 partner institutions, 15 Regions and 30 universities are present. In an orderly line, under hardly bearable heat, there are mainly people residing in Dubai, even if they come from different countries (China, Philippines, United States, Germany, Italy, Holland). After all, this is the attractive force of this market: being a global hub through which the whole world passes.


A “circular” pavilion

And it is for this reason that Italy has decided to present, in this Universal Exposition, its most innovative and technological face, accompanied in any case by the image (best known internationally) of beauty, culture and creativity. Starting with the structure of the pavilion itself, an architecture inspired by the principles of sustainability, as explained by Carlo Ratti, one of the designers: “The pavilion is an experiment in circularity, surrounded by 70 kilometers of boat ropes, made by recovering 2 millions of bottles. The roof is made with the overturned hulls of three boats, which at the end of the Expo will be able to continue sailing ».

No air conditioning inside the pavilion: the structure is designed to optimize air recirculation, while the use of the ancient tradition of drywall allows to keep the temperature cool inside the clusters.

Made in Italy on the go

An ideal voyage by sea, which brings Made in Italy to the world, witnessed by the presence in Dubai, on the day of the opening, of the sailor Giovanni Soldini (there will be no announced visit from President Mattarella in November). Many of the technologies present in our country’s pavilion look to the marine world and water: from the Tolo Green pools of sbirulina algae, which retain carbon dioxide, to the space drills designed by Leonardo, ready to land on Mars with the European space mission in search of water on the Red Planet.

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