Covid-19: here are the data on lethality in Italy and Campania

Since the beginning of the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, about 232 mln of cases e 4.8 mln of dead. The lethality rate therefore stands at 2%. The 30% of cases occurred in Europe with approx 70 mln of positives and 1,3 million deaths. Our country, unfortunately, holds the sad record for lethality. They have been confirmed 4.668.261 cases and 130.870 dead. Lethality is of the 2,8% (Source: Dashboard Who European Region – Health Emergency Dashboard). Campania maintains an overall lethality rate lower than the national average: 1,7% vs 2,8%. However, for some months now, the situation in Campania – in terms of lethality – has been changing. Since May 2021, the lethality rate in our Region has been higher than the national average, also due to a recalculation of the number of deaths carried out by the Campania Local Health Authorities.

Lethality in Italy:

Lethality in Campania:

Comparison Italy-Campania:

The Scientific Director and Head of the ANCI Campania Health Department

Antonio Salvatore


Covid19 data lethality Italy Campania

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