Slap from England, Southgate: “That’s how it ended with Italy …”

Slap from England, Southgate: “That’s how it ended with Italy …”
Slap from England, Southgate: “That’s how it ended with Italy …”

“The match was a draw, we have to remember that. Even if they deserved to win the trophy, I don’t think that episode was decisive.”. These are the words of the English coach Gareth Southgate, who returns to talk about the Wembley final, England-Italy, played on 11 July.

Almost three months later, the final of Euro 2020 between Italy and England is still discussing. A defeat, evidently still difficult for the English to digest for Southgate, who while acknowledging the merits of the Italian national team, is keen to clarify how the match in regular time ended with a tie. To light the fuse was an interview in recent days, given to The Athletic, gives Leonardo Bonucci, who explained the great motivations of the group led by Roberto Mancini. “We wanted to show that the result was not already written” this was the secret of the Azzurri’s victory.

Bonucci’s background

But not only that, Bonucci has revealed the words of the player Declan Rice who charged the Azzurri on the eve of the final against Italy: “Rice said England were 10 times more motivated to win than us”. The Juventus defender made it clear that his opponent’s was an inappropriate shot, also explaining why: “Well, those are the kind of mistakes young players make. You can’t say such a thing. You should never say that you want something more than someone else or that you are better than someone else. You should always put yourself on the same level as your opponent. , keep a low profile and strike at the right moment. This is what we did. “

In this regard, Southgate has assured that he has recently discovered this anecdote but has still beaten his player, guilty of having sinned presumption: “I didn’t know anything about this story until yesterday. I think you always have to think about what you say publicly, because it can be used as a stimulus by your opponent. We have done it too in the past and it has helped us. Sometimes certain things, taken out of context, they seem more provocative than they are. If it really went this way I’m sure Rice learned his lesson. We had to be savvy enough to understand that maybe Italians would use those words to charge. “

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Slap England Southgate ended Italy

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