“Every game is an exam”

ROMA – Italy will challenge Spain at the Meazza on Wednesday in the Nations League semifinal. Coach Roberto Mancini, absolute protagonist of the blue success at the European Championships 53 years after the first time, speaking at the forum “Rinascita Italia: The Young Hope – The school Fino a Prova Contraria”, said: “We had more difficulties at the first meeting after the European Championship, now the boys have played several games and they are all better. We hope to have a good semifinal and if possible also a good final. They are the four best Europeans, for us it is important the Nations League. New additions? There are many young people, we need to give all the boys the opportunity to express themselves. Being young, mistakes can be made. We have the problem that the matches coincide with the Under 21 team and it is important also for qualifying for the Olympics. In Italy, every game is an exam, you can win a European or a World Cup but the next game you have to win and that’s right. The boys have done everything well so far. “.

Mancini on the World Cup every two years and Donnarumma

The coach, regarding the proposal to play the World Cup every two years, said: “I don’t want to say no or yes, but the World Cup is such an extraordinary thing that waiting for it four years became an emotion. Doing it every two, there is the risk that it will become a normal thing”. Mancini also spoke on the Donnarumma case. The former Milan goalkeeper struggles to find space at PSG, but the coach has no doubts: “He had a great match in the Champions League (against City, ed), he is the greatest goalkeeper in the world at the moment and although there is another great goalkeeper at PSG (Navas, ed) I don’t think he will remain on the bench for much longer. I think it can help PSG win the Champions League “Mancini added, underlining that the fact that the former Rossoneri goalkeeper does not play a regular starter “I don’t think it’s a problem for the national team”.

Mancini and best wishes to Italy and the Italians

“It was a wonderful summer at a sporting level – continues Mancini -, Italy hardly makes mistakes and we were really happy to have filled all Italians with joy. I wish Italy to return to normal, that young people return to school and that the country will restart in a big way also thanks to the boost of sport this summer “. Remembering the achievements of the Azzurri in other sports, the Azzurri coach added: “At the Tokyo Olympics I was excited by the hundred meters, the high jump, the relay, where we have always had great difficulties. Seeing them win like this was a great emotion, but like the other medals and the volleyball champion of Europe with the two national teams “.

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