the vip restaurant that made the history of Northern Rome

He was called Christmas Zanni, but everyone knew him as Natalino. His name was always associated with another, that of Maurizio, Natalino and Maurizio: the two brothers from Corso Francia, owners of a Roman trattoria founded in 1934 and now in its third generation. Natalino left a few days ago at the age of 80 and took away a piece of the history of North Rome: when the Fleming was really a hill, Corso Francia did not exist (“there Rome ended”) and Ponte Milvio a small village.

“North Rome? A condition of the soul »: the particular description in the tourist guide

The vip nights

With its traditions, Mamma Lina’s saltimbocca and fusilli alla carbonara, it was a piece of the neighborhood, and not only for having founded the restaurant that in the 80s and 90s became a meeting place for celebrities and politicians – from Julio Iglesias a Donna Summer – but also for having crossed the century becoming, with karaoke evenings, the meeting place for many millennials that Rome there can only imagine. «He loved to sit at the table and tell stories», tell the most loyal customers who on Facebook now share the black and white memories of those nights of a thousand colors. «When at the closing of the restaurant we stayed to dance and the evenings never ended. That Rome there today no longer exists and it is a real shame ».



vip restaurant history Northern Rome

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