Candidates without knowing it, investigations on the L’Altra Italia list also running in Breme and Rognano

Candidates without knowing it, investigations on the L’Altra Italia list also running in Breme and Rognano
Candidates without knowing it, investigations on the L’Altra Italia list also running in Breme and Rognano


Candidates who did not know they were on the list and false or deceived signatures. The electoral lists of Rognano and Breme are also at the center of investigations in relation to the “Candidopoli” investigation by the Guardia di Finanza of Padua which, on the mandate of the Rovigo prosecutor, investigates the electoral system orchestrated by “L’Altra Italia”, a movement politician inspired by the social right of Pino Rauti, who presented himself in various municipalities between 2019 and 2020 and who, according to the survey, was ready to present “ghost” lists also on the occasion of the elections of 3 and 4 October in different Italian municipalities.

The measures

A few days ago, seven precautionary measures were issued against the leaders of the movement. The founder and national secretary Mino Cartelli ended up under house arrest, not present in the lists presented in the province of Pavia, but indicated as the recipient of any communications regarding the list in the running in Rognano. Four people were required to report to the judicial police, including Gianluca Tritiello from Lecce, Felicetta Tartaglia from San Paolo di Civitate, Francesco Foti from Rovigo and Franco Merafina from Cerignola. And a Merafina (but not Franco) is also a candidate for director on the list of “L’Altra Italia” of Rognano and Breme.

The pavesi list

It should be noted that on the lists of Rognano (candidate for mayor Francesco Domenico Gaudio) and Breme (where the candidate for mayor of “L’Altra Italia” is Vincenzo Russo), the investigations are still in progress. To push the financiers to investigate these two lists and others presented in other municipalities are some wiretaps and an audio message broadcast in the whatsapp group “National Secretary Office”, where the participants, in relation to the October elections, seem to be aware of the irregularities of the lists.

The alarm in the ministry

For this reason, the public prosecutor of Rovigo sent a report to the Ministry of the Interior to report the risk that on 3 and 4 October in the over a thousand Italian municipalities to vote there may be “ghost lists” presented by “L’Altra Italia”. The invitation to the Ministry is to verify the validity of the candidacies. For the moment, the survey has reconstructed that the system would have been implemented in 23 Italian municipalities (there is no Pavia) between 2019 and 2020, also obtaining the election of some municipal councilors. The first investigations concerned the lists presented in Barbona and Vighizzolo d’Este, in the province of Padua in May 2019 and September 2020.

In these cases, according to the indictment, the candidates were, for the most part, enrolled without their knowledge. The investigations had thus been extended to other 21 municipalities where the political movement had presented its own candidates. All Municipalities with a population of less than a thousand inhabitants, where the legislation for applications provides for a simplified procedure. But what is the purpose of making fake lists? According to the magistrates, the goal was to present candidacies in small territorial realities where there was a good chance of electing their own representative, in order to obtain visibility on the national territory and increase consensus for subsequent electoral consultations.

A Rognano

Two days after the vote, the investigation into the alleged ghost candidacies did not change the scenarios of the electoral challenge. Until yesterday the town hall of Rognano had not received any reports of any measures for exclusion from the list under investigation. “L’Altra Italia” is still in the running with the candidacy for mayor of Francesco Gaudio, 54, a native of Amendola, a Calabrian municipality in the province of Cosenza. The surname of the leaders is Marafina, but it is not the homonymous recipient of a precautionary measure in the investigation of the judges of Rovigo. Marafina is from Puglia, like the other six candidates on the list.

They have never seen them in Rognano, but on 2 September, on the eve of the deadline for submitting electoral lists, two people came to the town hall to deposit their candidacies. One seems to have been the national secretary of “L’Altra Italia”, Mino Cartelli, who later ended up under house arrest.

After there are no traces of the presence of the list in Rognano. No one has noticed electoral initiatives or even appeals on social media, at least nothing that specifically referred to the elections of Rognano.

However, if no last-minute measures take place, on Sunday the voters of Rognano will find the name of Francesco Gaudio together with that of the other two candidates for mayor: the outgoing deputy mayor Cristina Minaudo and Stefano Floris, outgoing group leader councilor.

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