Holidays before silence. And Albertini thinks about it: “Vote”

Holidays before silence. And Albertini thinks about it: “Vote”
Holidays before silence. And Albertini thinks about it: “Vote”

Am I going or not going? He struggled for a few weeks but in the end the former mayor Gabriele Albertini decided to put aside the frictions he had with the center-right first on the possible candidacy and then on the ticket with Luca Bernardo and will return to Milan on Sunday to vote the European Liberal Party which supports the ride of the pediatrician. A week ago to the Foglio he replied that he would stay on vacation in Merano. Yesterday he specified that he had «doubts which were not yet certain. I therefore decided to return to Milan on Sunday morning to vote and then I will return to Merano where I am now, 300 kilometers outward and 300 kilometers back, but it is a duty and I will vote for that list recalling my first political vote, the one that in the 1971 led me to vote for the Pli ».

Today the last “hits” of the campaign before electoral silence strikes at exactly midnight. The mayor had announced that he would not close with rallies or parties but changed his mind. From 7.30 pm the event “The final sprint, Milan more than before” organized by the Democratic Party at Scalo Lambrate will participate, in addition to Beppe Sala, the former mayor Giuliano Pisapia, the metropolitan secretary Silvia Roggiani and the five dem leader, Pierfrancesco Maran will intervene from the stage , Anna Scavuzzo, Lamberto Bertolè, Arianna Censi and Marco Granelli, «followed by music and entertainment».

For the closing of Luca Bernardo’s electoral campaign with the center-right parties, the appointment is from 4 to 7 pm in Piazza Duomo, Rinascente side. All the candidates of the coalition will speak and the regional coordinators of the Lega Fabrizio Cecchetti, of Fdi Daniela Santanchè, of Forza Italia Massimiliano Salini and of Milano Popolare Alessandro Colucci will speak from the stage. Following, the concert of Rudy Smaila, the son of Umberto.

In the meantime, electoral committees and parties are setting up the headquarters where on Monday they will wait for results at closed polls and where candidates and big names will arrive for comments. Sala will follow the counting from his office in Palazzo Marino and when the outcome is clear he will reach the committee’s headquarters in the Isola area, a space inside the “Frida” restaurant in via Pollaiuolo. Bernardo will instead follow the electoral results at the Mary Hotel Nhow in via Tortona 35. As always, the Lega will open the press room in the historic headquarters in via Bellerio. The Minister for Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini yesterday visited the Mattioli Collection at the Museo del ‘900 with Sala. “There is unanimous support for Sala, he governed very well,” he said. But the outgoing mayor carried out a campaign without the big names, a choice of independence – as he declares in words – or rather dictated by the lack of appeal of the Pd secretary Enrico Letta and Italia Viva Matteo Renzi? Five years ago, for a photo opportunity with Renzi, he did not hesitate to “chase” the former prime minister at the airport. Times (and weights) change.


Holidays silence Albertini thinks Vote

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