“Citizenship income and connected green pass”, the proposal

“Citizenship income and connected green pass”, the proposal
“Citizenship income and connected green pass”, the proposal

No citizenship income to those who do not get the vaccine against covid. The idea of ​​linking the subsidy to the green pass – mandatory from 15 October to access public and private work – comes from the president of Codacons Carlo Rienzi who, speaking with Adnkronos, defines green certification “blackmail” to immunize people. “Why blackmail only employees with the suspension of salary and not others like the unvaccinated who receive citizenship income?” he asks provocatively.

“We are making recourse to the TAR on the suspension of workers without a green pass – he remembers -. And we will continue with this provocation. The penalty for those who do not have the green pass is on the remuneration of the worker, therefore with this criterion the remuneration can also be sanctioned. of those who have citizenship income and are not vaccinated the criterion must be applied to all categories. There is an absolute identity of situations, very just and constitutional. “The subject is submitted to a series of doctors, who have been offering information on the subject of covid for months.


“There is no direct correlation between the green pass and citizenship income, this is clear” virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, told Adnkronos. “The earner of citizenship income is in fact a person who stays at home: it is not nice, because this subsidy should be made to look for work, but in fact it is. There is therefore no logical or scientific reason why should be required “.

“It is true that – underlines Pregliasco – the purpose of the green pass is primarily to induce vaccination with a gentle push. And then the elements of the application are linked to social situations which in any case also have a secondary feedback of opportunities, precisely with respect to risk, as at work. So it is welcome that at work you are vaccinated because it is better, but the purpose is also an element of control and verification “. But in the case of the citizen income earner” the extension could appear as an incongruity “because” not it is linked to work “.


Those who receive citizenship income must lose support if they do not have a green pass“says to Adnkronos the clinical immunologist and allergist Mauro Minelli, coordinator for Southern Italy of the Foundation for Personalized Medicine.” Being able to count on a social safety net does not mean lingering in an indefinite condition of ‘being there without being there’ and relying on being immune from practices that are inalienable for other workers – he observes -. It would be like, without understanding why, we codified an unjust and hateful inequality. If those who work risk losing their jobs if they do not have a green pass, in full respect of substantial equality even those who are recipients of the subsidy must be provided with a vaccination pass, unless they lose the right to receive the support. Unless – he concludes – we do not want to admit that those who work benefiting from citizenship income are immune to work as well as Covid. But I think the latter is a completely unfounded thought “.


Citizenship income connected green pass proposal

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