Champions for Change is born in Milan, so sport regains its value force

Champions for Change is born in Milan, so sport regains its value force
Champions for Change is born in Milan, so sport regains its value force

It is born CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE, the first movement of SPORT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY with the aim of communicating that sport is inclusion and that, with its virtues and talents, it must return to being a reference model for the new generations. A movement created to restore all its value strength to sport, adding to its “entertainment” dimension that of a “Gym of Values” to train oneself to become better citizens and people.

Yesterday a flashmob at the Arco della Pace in Milan sanctioned its birth in which, like a large orchestra, 70 SPORTSMEN from 50 DIFFERENT SPORTS “played” in unison on the notes of the unreleased song that SATURNINO, bassist, composer and producer, he prepared for the occasion.

A few hours after its birth there are already numerous people, organizations and institutions that have signed it: Maurizia Cacciatori, Max Calderan, Jury Chechi, Mike Maric, Stefano Meloccaro, Massimiliano Sechi, Umberto Pelizzari, Antonio Rossi, Rachele Sangiuliano, Giorgio Terruzzi, Ivan Zucco, AS Rugby Milano and the Marco Pantani Liceo Scientifico Sportivo e Professionale.

Promoter of the movement is Value In Action, the first Benefit Consortium Company in Italy, conceived and strongly supported by Action Agency, the Milanese Advanced Communication Agency and leader of the consortium.

Today there is a need for sports stories to be told again, so that they can be models to follow for all of us, but above all for the new generations, the true champions of change. To the rhythm of the values ​​of CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE, Sport plays in unison, making all sports disciplines play on the same pitch.

Today, more than ever, sport represents a real medium for relaunching the country, through which these valuable stories can be told every day. “United, with virtuous daily actions, we can change the world”: this is the spirit of the movement, which aims to actively and coherently involve the world of sport and everything that revolves around it.

In collaboration with H-FARM Digital Marketing, in fact, a digital and analogue campaign is starting to collect the stories of sportsmen, champions not only in their disciplines but also in life, who are the engines of change every day.
Individual athletes will also be able to submit their story on the CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE website, where it is also possible to find all the ways to apply. All the stories will then be voted on the social channels of the movement, which will select the 5 best stories of social responsibility. The storytelling will take place with multi-platform verticals and, after a year of storytelling, will culminate in an award that will award the best story of the year.

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