“With Michetti, I am applying for the Department of Culture”

“With Michetti, I am applying for the Department of Culture”
“With Michetti, I am applying for the Department of Culture”

Elections in Rome, Pippo Franco alongside Enrico Michetti and candidate on the list for the Department of Culture. “I knew Michetti and his radio background, I attended some of his meetings. Then him he asked me if I wanted to make a civic list and then apply with him. I gladly accepted, even if I immediately said that
my relevance simply concerned the Department of Culture. My way is that, I agreed to make myself available because I believe that the city has been particularly abandoned in this respect, the greatness of Rome remains unknown while a lot can be done. Michetti seems to me the right person, because he is also prepared from a cultural point of view, in addition to the topics of his relevance on which he has ideas and expertise “, said the actor and comedian in an interview for the online newspaper RomaLife.it .

“I see a total absence of what Rome has historically been, no connection with its history. Roma
Caput Mundi – continues Franco during the interview – has become Roma Caput. Art, theater, cinema, literature, poetry are completely non-existent. In Rome you could do many of those things … but not only do they not talk about them, I don’t see the capital of culture. In all fields “.

“In Rome there were many art galleries. At the time there was the artistic and poetic knowledge of life, now all this has been replaced by aperitifs, by conventional thoughts, man no longer looks at himself, he has become a number and a barcode. This is the topic – Franco adds in conclusion – that interests me and for which I decided to run this adventure. I am open to all cultures, to everything that brings art to be there. expression of existence and I have an artistic vision of life. If Michetti wins or not? The suffering of the Romans is great. I think I have a good chance of winning“.


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