Italy in tenth place in the world –

Italy in tenth place in the world –
Italy in tenth place in the world –
from Alessandro Vinci

This was revealed by a survey conducted by Finder in 27 countries. Men more inclined to invest than women. And Bitcoin is the most bought everywhere

Italians are betting on cryptocurrencies: they own them 21% of adults (ie just over one in five), a percentage that places our country at tenth place in the world for the rate of holding of virtual currency on the total population. This was revealed by a survey conducted via Google by the financial platform Finder out of 42 thousand respondents from 27 different countries, 1,504 of them Italians. The Vietnam
with 41%, then four other Asian states: Indonesia (30%), India (30%), Malaysia (29%) e Philippines (28%). It is therefore necessary to go to the sixth place to find the only European representative with a higher percentage than the Italian one: the
with 26%. Tail light the UK with a measly 8%. The performance of the United States, which perhaps no one would have expected in penultimate place at 9%, just behind Japan and Germany (11%). Overall average at 19%.

Dominate Bitcoin

No surprises in relation to individual cryptocurrencies. The popular Bitcoin it has in fact proved to be the most purchased virtual currency everywhere. In Italy, for examplesor, was found to be in possession of the
10% of the population, followed by Bitcoin Cash (4%) and Ripple (4%). Ethereum and Litecoin, on the other hand, did not go beyond 3%. The country also follows international trends also as regards the type of investors, with men who were more inclined to buy than women: 23% vs 18%. However, Finder points out that in some cases, including the Italian one, it was not possible to probe a representative sample of the population. Where this has happened, Google still has “applied weights to the survey results, if the demographic data of the interviewees did not differ too much from the national demographics ”.

High risk

The editor of Finder
James Edwards: «One in five Italians claims to own cryptocurrencies, well above 12% in Spain, 11% in Germany and 8% in the United Kingdom – he analyzed -. Bitcoin is still the most popular digital currency, but a higher percentage of Italians hold Bitcoin Cash (4%) compared to the world average of 3% ». Despite therefore the heavy delays that the country accuses on the plane of the digitization compared to the rest of Europe, cryptocurrencies seem to have made inroads among the users of our home. And it could be just the beginning. But be careful: you must always keep in mind that it is investments considered to be high risk. For this experts recommend to
never commit more than 5% of your portfolio to this type of transaction

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