Former Simply workers protesting in Milan: “We want the job”

We want the job “ is what the workers of theex Simply of San Vittore Olona, a store that closed (almost two years ago) because it was involved in the Margherita distribuzio-Conad dispute. The former employees took to the streets today, Tuesday 28 September, with their Milanese colleagues, to protest in front of Palazzo Marino. Their future still hangs in the balance, as they were not reabsorbed by the consortium company Conad (which took over Auchan, including the Rescaldinese store). While the Simply di San Vittore Olona was also demolished during the summer to make room for a new Lidl store.

“We have made public the situation of uncertainty, concern and unease that these people are experiencing, and solicit the necessary interventions – commented the unionists of Uiltucs -. In fact, in recent months, as UILTuCS Lombardia, together with Filcams, Fisascat and regional confederal trade union organizations we have asked an institutional intervention towards Margherita Distribuzione (a company controlled by Conad) and the other entrepreneurial subjects involved in the phase of acquisition of the branches for sale, aimed at safeguarding jobs. In Milan, among others, the historic shops of Frattini, Amati and Prealpi have not yet been taken over by any entrepreneur and the workers involved, for example today in layoffs, they risk being left without income and without employment. Despite the numerous attempts made in recent weeks, through the direct involvement of the Confederation, it has not been possible to receive an answer from the Municipality of Milan regarding the problems presented during the previous hearings and even less a proposal for a return meeting “.

They are in the same situations also 9 former Auchan rescaldinese workers who did not accept the incentive to leave. In this regard, the hearings are scheduled for next October for the appeal launched against the new property due to the non-passage of these 9 workers, of which 8 followed by the CGIL and one by the CISL Milano Metropoli.

Ex Auchan, 9 workers of Rescaldina remain in layoffs, there are 556 throughout Italy

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