Substitutions: I choose nomination from school rankings and give up the one from GPS. What consequences, even on competitions

Substitutions: I choose nomination from school rankings and give up the one from GPS. What consequences, even on competitions
Substitutions: I choose nomination from school rankings and give up the one from GPS. What consequences, even on competitions

Teachers’ substitutions for the 2021/22 school year: these are feverish and agitated days, on the one hand the convocations from school rankings because teaching must go on, on the other hand we try to tighten the assignments from GaE and GPS to get to the conclusion of operations. There are those who remain without an assignment because the algorithm in some ways is badly thought out and those who find themselves having to choose between several assignments.

And the case of our reader, who in any case has already made her choice by renouncing the position from GPS and choosing to keep the one from the school ranking for another class of competition.

I gave up two clips of A060 in schools of two different ICs, I had in fact accepted a short-term replacement from the institute ranking for A001 in a single school, which however will last until the end of the year because it is a maternity leave (I spoke to the owner of the teacher’s desk) .
What does this rejection entail? I am in the gps ranking only for A001 and A060. Thanks

It is possible to leave substitutes from school rankings for one from GaE or GPS

The circular on substitutes of August 6, 2021 recalls “It should be remembered that, as required by art. 14, paragraph 2, of the Ministerial Ordinance no. 60/2020, the staff in service by substitute conferred on the basis of the institute rankings have the right to leave this substitute in order to accept a substitution on the basis of the GAE and the GPS, pursuant to article 2, paragraph 4, letters a) and b ) of the Ministerial Ordinance

But our reader has made a different choice.

In any case, even if he has renounced the appointment from A060, his right to any appointment from GPS for A001 remains unaffected. In fact, the renunciation has consequences only for the competition class which is the subject of the substitution.


The colleague has chosen to be a temporary substitute teacher (since it is a maternity leave, her contract will be renewed on the basis of the certificates sent by the holder) and renounced the position until 30 June.

Salary: unfortunately this could be a sore point, we hope not. The salaries of temporary alternates are sometimes paid a few months late, with the resulting inconvenience. The contract will also end up on the last day of school with a possible extension for the ballots + any state exams.

Illness: in this case the difference is substantial. We explain it in this article. Fixed-term personal illness: what differences between a short temporary stay and one at 30/6

Service annuity: here you have to be careful. Even if it’s not a medium-term forecast, having the annuities “in place” could be a good habit to adopt.

In the last extraordinary competition, and it will be the same for the next one to be completed by 31 December for teachers with three years of service in state schools in the last five for the positions remaining vacant and available after hiring 2021, of a specific one for the class competition for which you participate, the annual service is required.

How the service annuity is calculated

This is explained by article 11, paragraph 14, of law no. 124/99 indicates what is meant by the provision dictated by article 489, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 297/94:

Paragraph 1 of article 489 of the consolidated act is to be understood in the sense that the non-permanent teaching service provided starting from the 1974-1975 school year is considered as a whole school year if it lasted at least 180 days or if the service has been provided uninterrupted from 1 February until the end of the final ballot.”

Per year of service, so, it must be understood as the service provided for at least 180 days or the service provided uninterrupted from 1 February until the end of the scrutiny operations or the end of the educational activities for the kindergarten (in the latter case, the Miur clarified with note no. 7526 of 24 July 2014).

In the case of the colleague there will be no problems because she will have 180 days of service, but in the case of subsequent appointments (perhaps someone thinks not to accept GPS to wait for a late appointment from GI) it would be good to reflect on this aspect too.

In the case of the colleague, it is also assumed that the competition class she chooses from the school rankings is the one in which she really wants to gain the highest score, that is, that the reasoning is not based only on “one school instead of two” but has interested in his professional choices at 360 °.

N.B. the article only aims to make people reflect on the different nature of contracts, even though they are always temporary substitutes.

For the rest, good school year.

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