Chiara Ugolini, Impellizzeri’s companion: “God will judge him”

Friends, family and authorities pay tribute to Chiara Ugolini,

On her Facebook page, Carla Abrantes Coelho posted the photo on Monday morning of a broken heart and a phrase by Rosa Ramirez which explains that tears are worth more than a smile because «they are drops of a loving heart, drops of true feelings and are only paid to the people we love and that we do not want to lose ». Because in this story of violence, not even resentment for a betrayed love is enough to erase the pain that has overwhelmed far too many innocent people. Including this woman and her baby girl. Monday was a horrible day for Carla. The umpteenth. She is forty years old, she is originally from Lisbon and works in a clothes shop in Bardolino, on Lake Garda. And it is there companion of Emanuele Impellizzeri, the assassin of Chiara Ugolini who took his own life in prison in Verona on Monday.

He didn’t want to know any more

For three weeks she struggled with the idea that the man she loved, the father of their seven-year-old daughter, in reality it was a beast capable of killing a girl of 27 years, going so far as to put a rag soaked in bleach into her mouth. She didn’t want to know about him anymore: their relationship had ended a moment after they discovered the murder. After all, it was Carla who denounced him, that afternoon of September 5th: he had found him in front of him, in their apartment, with his face scratched and his clothes soaked in blood. “I killed the neighbor,” he confessed before convincing her to accompany him to a shopping center to withdraw the 200 euros he needed for the motorcycle escape. Impellizzeri had understood that his partner would not have covered him. And in fact, seeing him escape, she immediately phoned the carabinieri: “Run, there has been a murder.” From there, the hunt for the killer began, which ended a few hours later in Tuscany.

The words of the partner

But now that the 38-year-old is dead, the last hopes of finding an explanation are gone with him – however irrational – what he did. And Carla has no time to cry: she has to think about raising their daughter alone. He entrusted his farewell to his partner to a small message that remained visible on a chat for a few hours: “You were no longer the same person, only God will be able to judge you“. On Monday afternoon, contacted on the phone, the woman limited herself to explaining her state of mind: «The situation is delicate for me. I had not yet found a way to get out of the black hole I was in after he killed the poor one girl, and now I feel like I’m sinking into an even deeper hole. ‘ He can’t say more. The decision to end it left shocked all those who believed they knew Chiara’s killer. “It’s like dealing with a completely different person than the one who turned out to be»Admits Fabrizio Residori, one of the owners of the Bardolino body shop where Impellizzeri worked. “We knew that in the past he had had problems with justice (he had been convicted of robbery, ed) but here he had always behaved well, he was calm. He didn’t seem like a dangerous guy, capable of hurting himself, much less hurting a defenseless girl. ‘

“He could have committed suicide before”

Meanwhile, among Chiara Ugolini’s friends the news of the killer’s suicide has aroused different reactions. There are those who would have preferred him to serve his sentence to the end, perhaps after a life sentence, and who sings victory. On the girl’s Instagram page and on that of Daniel Bongiovanni, the 27-year-old’s boyfriend, dozens of messages appeared on Monday: “He could have committed suicide before”, “There was a minimum of justice today“Fortunately, the infamous who took your life had the brilliant idea of ​​getting out of the way.” The internet court never stops, even in the face of death.

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Chiara Ugolini Impellizzeris companion God judge

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