No regrets, with Michetti up to the Capitol. Spena speaks (Forza Italia)

No regrets, with Michetti up to the Capitol. Spena speaks (Forza Italia)
No regrets, with Michetti up to the Capitol. Spena speaks (Forza Italia)

Despite the rumors and despite the doubts that are spreading around the house – see the item Giancarlo Giorgetti – the center-right is united in support of Enrico Michetti. “He’s the right person at the right time,” he commented with Maria Spena, Italian deputy and leader of Forza Italia and Udc at the administrative offices that will take place in Rome next Sunday and Monday.

Guido Bertolaso is an extraordinary professional, but we have no regrets “, added the vice president of the Montecitorio Agriculture Commission, who then also sent a clear message to Carlo Calenda: “For electoral purposes he is trying to use center-right arguments but his lists are mostly made up of political exponents of the Capitoline left.” In view of the first round of the Roman elections, Spena then expressed a wish: “I simply hope that Rome will soon return to normal. In a certain sense, it might almost seem reductive, but in fact it is not: in the last five years the city has been literally abandoned ”.


Absolutely yes, the basics were missing, starting with routine maintenance. I cite two examples but there would be many others: waste, which has invaded our streets and sidewalks, on which it has now become impossible to walk due to holes. It is a scandal, also because the initial promise was of a completely different nature: the Cinquestelle said that they would first of all look after the ordinary. And look at how it ended instead.

Here exactly, how did it end?

In the more than total degradation on the one hand and in the absence of any long-term planning on the other. The no to the 2024 Olympics from this point of view is only the most striking of examples but the same could be said from many other points of view.

What is that?

Think about the issue of infrastructural development in Rome, which has completely disappeared from the public debate. But does it seem possible that in this city there are two metro stations – Castro Pretorio and Policlinico, on line B – closed to the public for almost a year? Moreover, strategic stops given the proximity to Sapienza University.

Excuse me Spena, but, in the face of the rather negative picture you have drawn, are you sure that Enrico Michetti can really be the right man for Rome? His was a rather difficult election campaign.

He is the right person at the right time, I am convinced of that. In recent weeks he has been demonized by his opponents, as the left is used to doing, but his technical and administrative skills are not discussed. And a good mayor must first of all know the car he is called to drive. Enrico Michetti this feature has it more than all the other candidates in the running.

Does it mean that you are united in supporting it? Yesterday a key member of the League and the center-right, like Giancarlo Giorgetti, leaked more than one doubt in the interview with the press.

I believe that at least this must be recognized: we are united and united in our support for Michetti. It does not seem to me that the same can be said for the others: the center-left, in practice, expresses three different candidates for mayor.

Do you mean Carlo Calenda, Roberto Gualtieri and Virginia Raggi?

Exactly them, they are all differently left. We express the only center-right candidacy. I would add the only anti-mess candidacy.

Listen, but does all this, electorally speaking, not risk damaging you? Even assuming you get to the ballot, isn’t it safe to assume that the voters of the two losing candidates are voting for your rival in the second round?

This is precisely the mockery of the city and the Romans. They pretend to oppose each other but in the end, just to go and govern, they are ready to support each other. You will see him in the ballot. After all, it is always the same story that repeats itself: not much has changed since the years of militant anti-Berlusconi.

On the other hand, aren’t you afraid that Michetti might lose consensus in favor of Calenda, who in this election campaign has tried hard to speak to less radical center-right voters?

I think Calenda’s game is all about positioning himself and his party. Then in some cases it may also happen that he says something that can be shared by us in the center-right but I invite you to go and check the composition of his lists both at the Capitol and in the municipalities: they are mostly made up of former exponents of the Roman left, who knows the Capitoline politics knows this. The joke of Giulio Andreotti according to which greens in Italy are like watermelons: green on the outside but red on the inside. Here, perfect for Calenda.

In all this, Spena, I ask you as a moderate political exponent: do you have any regrets about Guido Bertolaso’s no to candidacy?

Look, we are obviously talking about a professional who has given a lot to Italy and Rome. If in the next few months the capital will not be submerged by garbage, it will only be thanks to him: it was Guido Bertolaso, as extraordinary commissioner in Campania at the time of the government of Silvio Berlusconi, who had the Acerra plant built, where in the meantime the waste from the Eternal City will arrive for the next three months.

So yes, there are some regrets. Quite right?

No, I didn’t say that. Bertolaso ​​has legitimately decided not to apply for personal reasons. His skill is indisputable but we are sure that Michetti will not make him regret.

Another political question, which is not valid only for Rome: why does the center-right, which even at the national level would reach almost 50% of the votes, risk losing voting in all the most important cities in the administrative offices?

Let’s start by saying that we are starting from a highly unbalanced situation in favor of the center-left which currently administers the five main cities to vote next weekend. And then it is not at all certain that it goes like this.

However, polls and moods, as far as they count, confirm this trend at the moment, with the exception of Turin and perhaps Rome. Exactly Spena, why?

In this electoral round we have decided to open up to civil society. A courageous choice that we fully claim, also with a view to contributing to creating and enhancing a new ruling class at the local level. I don’t understand why if the left chooses the civics, everything is fine, while if we do it in the center-right the operation is wrong. One of two.

But in this case we are talking about possible electoral results, not about the goodness or not of a political operation. As a center-right exponent, are you not afraid of the risk of a defeat across the board in the administrative team?

I think it is too early to make a mistake in forecasts. We will see at the polls what the Italians have decided, but I would like to remind everyone that the accounts in politics are made in the end. In Rome, for example, I’m sure Michetti will get to the ballot, which by definition is always another story compared to the first round.

Still national politics: you have claimed unity as a cornerstone of the center-right, yet the three main parties that make up the coalition are not even in government together. Are you really so united?

We have always recognized that within the center-right there are also different identities, as demonstrated precisely by the choice of the Brothers of Italy to remain in opposition to this government. But we share the same values ​​and the same basic themes, those that truly define the nature of a coalition that can be defined as such. Of that coalition, we at Forza Italia represent and will continue to represent the more moderate wing.

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