Police, after the Schilirò case, circulate to agents: “No doubts about vaccines, obligation to have a green pass”

The Interior Ministry reacts across the board against the case, already defined as “serious” by the minister Luciana Lamorgese, of the deputy commissioner Nunzia Schilirò, the policewoman no vax. And from the Department of Public Safety, led by Prefect Lamberto Giannini, a circular from the Central Health Department has just been issued: «Obligation to have a green pass for access to workplaces. Directives for the health offices of the State Police ». The note does not mention the Schilirò affair. But it is evident: a police force, is the substance of the provisions, must keep the bar straight on the anti Covid-19 indications of the government. “To guarantee also the health of the community”.

Green certification priority

The green pass is mandatory and certainly not the vaccine. In a previous circular, the same health department of the State Police stressed that “only 20% of operators are not vaccinated”. Percentage, however, to be resized. Less than ever acceptable, above all, no vax attitudes. The meaning of the new circular, however, is all about green certification. The message to the agents is indirect but equally explicit: get vaccinated, vaccinated and vaccinated, if you have not already done so.


Avoid “critical situations”

With “the obligation of the green pass for access to the workplace – reads the text signed by the director Fabrizio Ciprani – problems and critical situations could arise”. They are those “relating to obtaining green certification by” agents. Therefore the “offices of the State Police are invited to provide maximum availability and assistance” with “clarifications and useful information”. We repeat: the circular does not and must not refer to the no vax movement. But he cites, for example, those subjects “who ask for information on side effects which, albeit rarely, can be associated” with the vaccine. Doubts need to be cleared up immediately. Without leaving any aftermath or uncertainty.

Speed ​​up information

The circular recognizes «the particular moment»: with the obligation to introduce the green pass, «the effort of information and support becomes more binding». Thus, incorrect information or, worse still, disinformation is inadmissible. The repeatedly desired goal is “to lead to vaccination as many employees as possible, also to guarantee the health of the community”. The indication to the health offices is peremptory: they must acquire as much as possible «further adhesions to vaccination» as well as «activate, if necessary, extraordinary vaccination sessions at the local level». The “unspoken” of the circular of the State Police is only one: never again a Schilirò case.


Police Schilirò case circulate agents doubts vaccines obligation green pass

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