“A kamikaze, how much wine was there at the table?”, Rags fly – Libero Quotidiano

“A kamikaze, how much wine was there at the table?”, Rags fly – Libero Quotidiano
“A kamikaze, how much wine was there at the table?”, Rags fly – Libero Quotidiano

Franco Bechis against Giancarlo Giorgetti. At the center the interview released by the Minister of the League. On The print Giorgetti indulged in some predictions, including that on the elections in Rome: a ballot between Carlo Calenda e Roberto Gualtieri, with certain victory of the first. But also on those of Milan: “Vince Beppe Sala in the first round. “As well as on Silvio Berlusconi who has “few chances” to become president of the Republic and on the government of Mario Draghi which arrives on December 31st of this year. Enough to indign the director of the Weather who in his long editorial takes it out on the number two of the League: “I do not know if in the comments and in the heated reactions someone has distorted his thinking, I can say that last the interview as it was published and learned that the interview with the journalist had happened to lunch in an elegant hotel in the center of Turin, I would have been curious about see the number of bottles of Nebbiolo, Barbaresco or Barolo now empty on that table “.

Bechis admits that he has never seen “a series of.” impressive hara-kiri like those listed here “. Hara-kiri who did not only concern the center-right, but who brought up the premier. it is not appropriate to say simply belonging to a government majority, let alone if you are also a minister and head of delegation in the executive of an important political force “.

Nothing to worry about anyway. According to Bechis, the “kamikaze” attack a few days before the administrative vote should not cause fear given that “Giorgetti’s forecasts are fortunately very little credible“. Not to mention the money from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan coming from Europe. If Giorgetti is certain that” we will throw them away “, the same cannot be said of Bechis:” Already this year the center-right has some. put to good use, for example by sending Giorgetti to one of the key ministries precisely for the management of those funds … “.

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