Milan, no Green pass procession in the center, 41 reported

Milan, no Green pass procession in the center, 41 reported
Milan, no Green pass procession in the center, 41 reported

The first 41 complaints to the violent No Green passes that participated were made, on Saturday in the center. A parade no longer so peaceful, but with strong moments of tension. Three people, two men and one woman, are accused of resisting a public official and 38 of private violence, interruption of public service, incitement to disobey the laws and unauthorized demonstration: all will be registered in the register of suspects in the Digos investigation and by the head of the anti-terrorism pool Alberto Nobili. And, while the identification of other subjects continues, the alert for the threats of some young anarchists and the new leaders of the No vax protest (those of the past parades remained at home after the warnings of the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi) grows: “Saturday next we will make the mess. We will be better equipped », they warn via social media. Until now they had seen themselves in the rear of the parades that for the past ten consecutive weekends have paralyzed the streets of the center, the shopping streets, public transport; last Saturday, however, they took the place of families, young couples and peaceful fifties. Objective: to look for a clash with the police, which then happened: on several occasions there were throwing of bottles against the agents and even a road sign, as well as insults and spitting. Following, the riots near the Duomo, when the most rebellious tried to force the police cordon to access the square, where Giorgia Meloni’s meeting with the center-right candidate for mayor was in progress. The officers in riot gear pushed them back with difficulty. The toll is of a woman hospitalized (one of the reported) for minor bruises. Police headquarters and prefecture note how “the tone has changed and the procession was more violent”. Something could therefore change, because so far the police have avoided force actions, limiting themselves to containment with shields. Tomorrow it will be discussed in the Committee for order and security.

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Milan Green pass procession center reported

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