the journey of little Nicolas to be cured

the journey of little Nicolas to be cured
the journey of little Nicolas to be cured

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September 28, 2021 9:16 am


Two thousand kilometers to get the care he needs. A solidarity relay was activated to bring Nicolas, an 8-month-old Romanian child suffering from a severe spinal malformation, who in his country was considered incurable, to the Besta in Milan.

The little one arrived at the ‘Carlo Besta’ neurological institute thanks to the intervention of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta Osj. The trip, medical examinations and the stay of the child and his family – reads a note – were organized by the president of the Art & Luxury Association Thomas Molendini and the CEO of TrustMeUp Angelo Fasola.

To evaluate the clinical situation of Nicolas were doctors Masson and Dosi of the National Neurological Institute Carlo Besta, excellence in the field of neurology. The solidarity relay also saw the contribution of consul Florin Pascu of the Romanian consulate in Milan, who made available the staff for translations.

During a physiotherapy visit to the child, all medical devices for walking were replaced, in order to improve his quality of life. At the end of the medical process, Nicolas and the parents returned to their country waiting for their transfer to Milan with the Romanian Consulate in Milan, where the child will finally be able to begin the therapeutic protocol identified, which will last one year.


journey Nicolas cured

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