“Government must speed up on reconstruction”

“We have decided to allocate a specific line of Pnrr investment to the areas of the earthquakes of 2009, 2016 and 2017, – said Draghi -. This package has a value of 1.78 billion and finances safe and sustainable reconstruction, the environmental recovery, and initiatives to support citizens and businesses. This week we are kicking off this program, with the approval of the provision that divides resources between investment purposes “.

“Resources alone are not enough, project capacity is needed”

According to the Prime Minister, “the resources are needed, but they are not enough on their own. We need planning and administrative skills, as demonstrated by the most successful cases in post-earthquake reconstruction. We have built for the investments of the NRP and the Fund. Complement a governance model that focuses on the simplification of procedures and the close coordination of central and territorial administrations. ”

“Investments are a concrete commitment to restart”

“We allocate over one billion euros to restore vitality to local communities and in particular to make cities and villages safe, sustainable and connected. Another 700 million euros go to development and economic and social revitalization. We support innovative companies, and enhance environmental resources and local productive vocations, such as agri-food and cultural, tourist and creative enterprises. We set up research and training centers, such as the technical training center for public administration which will be built in the municipality of L’Aquila. they want to be a concrete commitment to restart “.

“We cannot and must not forget the earthquake”

“My presence in L’Aquila – underlined the premier again – serves first of all to reaffirm the duty of remembrance. The 2009 earthquake belongs to collective memory. We cannot and must not forget”.

“Today there are the conditions for rebirth” “The city of L’Aquila has chosen to entrust the memory of the earthquake not to a traditional monument, but to a park – he continued -. To an open space that is a symbol of the emptiness left by those who died in that terrible night. But this is open space is also a symbol of fullness. It will be filled by all the families and children who will play among these flower beds and fountains. It is the symbol of life that must be reborn by drawing strength from the memory of a tragedy. Today the conditions are finally here for to do it.”


Government speed reconstruction

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