Brugora (Riformisti): “Zero-paper and the Fashion Museum for the Milan of the future”

Brugora (Riformisti): “Zero-paper and the Fashion Museum for the Milan of the future”
Brugora (Riformisti): “Zero-paper and the Fashion Museum for the Milan of the future”

Brugora (Riformisti): “Zero-paper and the Fashion Museum for the Milan of the future”

Interview to Andrea Brugora, party program manager of Carlo Calenda and candidate for the Municipality of Milan, which indicates innovation, young people and sustainability as a priority

Ing. Brugora, after years in the private sector you are now working on Digital Transformation in the Presidency of the Council. Why did you choose to move to the public sector?
I believe that, after the populist drift of incompetence in power, today we need people who put their professionalism at the service of the public. My candidacy in Milan in the ranks of Action goes in the same direction. Politics is not my job, but I intend to make myself available to Italians and Milanese as an innovation manager, dealing with digital and sustainability, that is, what I know and what constitutes my daily bread.

The PA in the common imagination is the emblem of backwardness. What does innovation have to do with it?
Precisely for this reason it must be a political priority. We are late with the digitization of the PA and we have to catch up, we can no longer afford to have public services that work as they did 30 years ago: the use of paper should disappear completely. The role of Milan, the locomotive of Italy, is precisely to lead the way.

Through technology?
Innovation can be technological, but also of another type. For example, networking the spaces of the municipality to give access to third sector associations can be done using digital technologies, such as web platforms for booking and electronic badges for access. Providing facilities for access to the center for large families, the elderly and parents with small children, on the other hand, is an innovative way of looking at reality that does not require technologies other than those already in use.

Action presented 39 proposals for Milan, what do they have in common?
Concreteness and pragmatism, as taught by the school of Carlo Calenda. Our proposals – some definitely out of the box – are the result of the involvement of over 100 experts on 18 thematic tables in a year-long work, and cover all the themes of city life, from sustainability to sport.

Can you give us some examples?
A fashion pole-museum, to relaunch the growth of Milan also through this decisive sector. We are the only one of the fashion capitals of the world not to have one. Not just a museum, but a driving force for training and businesses.
We also have an unprecedented point of view on the nightlife: taking as a model what has already been done in Barcelona, ​​we would like to move it away from residential areas, in a long-term plan designed together by the Municipality and the managers.

Are there any priorities?
The priorities are young people, an all-round approach to sustainability – even socially – and neighborhoods, where liveability, decorum and safety need to be improved.

As the youngest candidate on the list, what have you planned for young people?
We have many proposals, including experimenting with the night subway on weekends. But the urgency for young people is the cost of rents, for which we ask for financial support on the model of the French CAF, dedicated only to certain categories: to begin with university students and those who work in startups.

Today he is running for the Reformists, but five years ago he was on the list of the center-right candidate Stefano Parisi. Have you changed your mind?
Not at all, indeed it is a choice of coherence because in the center right there is no longer anyone capable of representing my ideals.
Action is the subject that can represent the Milan that works and produces, driving the economy of the whole country. Our list expands the reform project to other prominent subjects such as Italia Viva and + Europa and offers a national perspective to which all moderates and liberals should look with interest, including those who believed in Parisi 5 years ago.

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